A Hope Divided Read-along ❤️

Love ❤️ the structure of read-alongs! 👏🏽 Took a second but get it now! 👏🏽 I think what I’ll do to participate is listen at 2x speed then only share comments within the daily chapters! Thanks for club organizers for doing the chapter guide! 👏🏽 Excited to delve in! Started late…. But I’ll catch up Tuesday 😉

Rereading A Hope Divided. Catching details upon my reread 👏🏽

Tuesday: Prologue – 8

Groundwork is well laid 👏🏽 Fascinated in the story more than my first read! 😂 Like rereading with the read-along! The playback speed higher but weirdly more focused 🤔 

Found myself trying to find what chapter I’m on.. Got lost in the story… A lot has already happened! 🤗

Wednesday: Chapters 9 – 14

The daily chapter summaries provided by my club moderators are SO awesome! Typically, I try to do 1) daily chapters 2) daily summaries 3) read thread so I can gauge our group discussion…

Thursday: Chapters 15 – 21

Not too much happened but major romantic developments in Chapter 19. Ewan and Marlie continue on their journey to Tenesee…

Might have found a new hack through these posts! 🙌🏽 I can C&P from Discord to messages then message myself 😂 In messages, I can ‘speak’ so its read to me 👏🏽

Friday: Chapters 22 – Epilogue

Thread until 840 am since I C$P…. Then I read the chapters, then I’ll read the daily summaries and the thread!

Ewan being protective over Marlie 😍 Women unsafe during war…

Caretaking less prominent in story 🤕 Both Ewan and the Union force… I enjoyed that part during my initial read…

Marlie’s aversion to Ewan’s touch… The romance was heating up too… Feel like this cold 🥶 period might be too late in the story… I understand Marlie’s reason… But I also understand Ewan… 🤷🏽‍♀️

Ewan’s injured declaration of love ❤️ Glad it happened yet knew it was coming when Ewan got injured…

Ends more on a happy for now (HFN) 😍👏🏽 I’m satisfied!

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