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I’ve read the 1st 2 books in the series 👏🏽 Really enjoyed the 1st one, need to reread the 2nd…. But alas… Time constraints 😂 Once again, find myself with too much to read… Either sleep or read 😂 

Just know the series is about Poppy and Cas ♥️ The first book was their bodyguard romance… The 2nd their journey to marriage 👰‍♀️ The 3tf book is about 🤷🏽‍♀️😂… Plan to keep it that way (trying to avoid spoilers)… The book was released 4/20 so the hype is real right now…. The internet is scary 👻 


Proud I didn’t succumb to the hype 👏🏽 This much anticipated release dropped 4/20, but I stuck to my TBR 👏🏽

I was confused 😂 Trying to get my bearings… Tried to look back on my reading notes 📝 from my initial read, but they didn’t help…

Things slowly coming into focuy… Maybe I should have reread A Kingdom Of Flesh And Fire 🤔 😂 Just to refresh my memory… Too late! 😂

Commander Jenson drama seems random… Trying to understand…

Already miss Cas’ prescence 😢 Arrow hit unexpected but glad he’s not dead 😰 I don’t know where the story is going… 🤷🏽‍♀️

Chapter 6

Inquisition Take 2? Bad men are influenced by bad motivations… Find Alistair’s motivations more believable than Jenson.. I can, though misdirected, Alistair’s motivation for his stint into villainry..

Chapter 17

Poppy’s self control reminds me of Bella Swan from Twilight 😂 This book is like Twilight  fanfiction 😂

Still learning background information 🤔 Especially about Poppy’s liniage… Excited to learn more of it!

Still getting background information, especially Poppy’s ancestry. 🤔

Noticed my attention wandering back in chapter 12… it might be me or the story 🤷🏽‍♀️

Chapter 28

Fell asleep sometime between chapter 17 & 29… The last thing I remember is the questions regarding Poppy’s ancestry… To go back and reread or proceed 🤔 Since my attention’s been scattered… Decided to just go on… Usually, I start to put 2 & 2 together…. Hopefully 🤞🏽 nothing eric happened 😂

Feel a little slumpy… Trying to finish this book and The Wallflower Wager… Just trying to meet my goals…

Discombobulated… 😂 Thought I was gurther into the book.. Realized I was in Chapter 24…

Poppy officially meets Cas’ parents… Mixture of Poppy’s anxiety, Cas’ mom’s disapproval… Not what people think of first meetings…Cas intends to gain insight to what Poppy is now…Cas’ mom apologizes 👍🏽

Poppy is getting reveal after reveal… She remains a mystery… 🤔 

Poppy and Cas want to find and free Maleck.. Plan to find Ian…

The books and sections of the books can be divided… From chapter 28-39 can be the “rule or NOT to rule section”… Poppy has been lead to this decision all series long… 🤔 

Still loving Poppy’s ralationships with Cas, Kirin, and all the Woven 👏🏽

The series is character-driven, focusing on Poppy and her relationships 👏🏽

Chapter 39

So I may be updating in between my chapter ranges 😂 Listening on audio so I’ve got my phone 📱 on hand 😂

Feel like the story is coming together 😄 Poppy understandable her family history more, her and Cas are king and queen of Atlantia, and they plan to free Maleck 👏🏽 Just feel satisfied with how things are being resolved 👍🏽

End of book 📖

Revenants would make up an ascendant army…

Poppy’s heritage revealed 😨 

All the reveals for Poppy’s family history unexplained… Just sat back and tried to absorb it…I understand Poppy’s reaction…I would be angry too! Poppy had a hard life then finds out and has to deal with all these reveals…

The intensity of Cas’ love for Poppy ❤️ He doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice to keep Poppy alive ❤️

End on a cliffhanger… another book in the series? According to Goodreads there will be another book… My interest is definitely piqued 🤔

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