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Compiled this list because I enjoy reading! Only audiobooks at first… now ebooks too! Reading with my eyes πŸ‘€ possible by my Kindle Paperwhite! πŸ‘πŸ½

Ever since I started reading voraciously, I began documenting hmmm My reading has slown down as I read more ebooks, and less audiobook πŸ€” Glad to be able to read ebooks! Definitely widened my reading! I say β€œIt’s revolutionized my reading?” πŸ˜‚

Part of why it takes me longer to get through a book is that I’m multitasking more… in the sense I have to plan ahead my posts 😬 I’m not stressed and don’t want to be…

Book Review

Her Wicked Marques by Stacy Reid-

Stranger In My Arms by Lisa Kleypas –

Between The Devil And The Duke Book Review –

Texas Destiny Book Review –

From Blood And Ash Book Review –

Their Gets A Duke Book Review –

A Hope Divided Book Reciew –

Cold Hearted Rake Book Review –

Falling Out Of Hate With You Book Review –

Falling Into Love With You Book Review –

Slave To Sensation Book Review – 

The Cross Of Gilded Bones Book Review –

His At Night Book Review –

The Wallflower Wager Book Review –

The Demon In The Woods Book Reciew –

Reading blogs

Between The Devil And The Duke Reading Blog –

From Blood And Ash Reading Blog –

Their Gets A Duke Reading Blog –

A Hope Divided Reading Blog (Initial Read) –

Cold Hearted Rake Reading Blog –

Falling Into Love With You Reading Blog –

Falling Out Of Hate With You Reading Blog –

Slave To Sensation Reading Blog –

The Cross Of Gilded Bones πŸ‘‘ Reading Blog –

The Demon In The Woods Reading Blog –

His At Night Reading Blog (Initial Read)  – 

His At Night Readalong Reading Blog –

The Wallflower Wager Reading Blog –

Booklists πŸ“š

March TBR –

April 2021 TBR –

May 2021 TBR –

April 1021 Wrap-Up –

May 2021 TBR –


Kindle Clear Out Readathon –


Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron Live

Kindle Clear Out Reaction Blog -


My 1st read-along! –

A Hope Divided Readalong ❀️ –

Background on me

Everything πŸ‘‡πŸ½ contains more on my journey 😬 In the event you ONLY want see bookish content… These posts may not interest you…

Me 101 –

The goal 😬 –

disABLEd modifications-

Bookish Sick Chicks Reaction Blog –

Day in MY life-

Book Blogging Plans –

Stroke All Over Again 😒 –

Social Media’s (SM) role on getting the word out –

Migraine EST 2002 –

MY Home Exercise Program πŸ‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ –

Spaulding Group –

Vaccine πŸ’‰ Update –

Social anxiety is real… –

πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ Checklist –

Annual Eye πŸ‘ Exam –

Neuro Follow-Up (F/U)!-

Re-establishing care with my providers in a pandemic πŸ˜·β€¦ –


Return to PT –

Heme Appt –

PT with my β€œold” PT –

PT (more regular now ) – 

Monthly Support Group –

PT (more or less the same…) –

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