A Hope Divided Reading Blog (Initial read)

Reading this for my book club as part of Spring Of Spies! 👏🏽 The club moderators planned for and selected books around spies in HR. This is my 2nd book of the season! My 1st read was Between The Devil And The Duke (please see my book review and reading blog!) Since I just readContinue reading “A Hope Divided Reading Blog (Initial read)”

Life Update 4/6/2021

Mood: Inspired, thanks to this blog 😄 Currently Reading: Beguiling The Beauty by Sherry Thomas and rereading From Blood And Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout Walk it out: Geting back into it! Starting 1 block at a time! Events I’m excited for: Currently participation in a From Blood And Ash Readalong 😄 Funny story 😂:Continue reading “Life Update 4/6/2021”

Between The Devil And The Duke Reading Blog

I tried to read a book for my reading goal… Vlogs are my favorite type of yt video. Usually, I watch them as I eat or go to sleep… Always open to recs of vlogs to watch! 🤗 To make my site more fun for me… I’ll try to blog what I read more! SpoileryContinue reading “Between The Devil And The Duke Reading Blog”

Reading Goals: Read the Go-Tos

A go-to us a title that’s been mentioned time and again, like the Wallflower series and Uptown girl series. Trust, they’re on my to be read list (TBR)! Similar to the blog for my other goal, will still be doing a book review! Note: Will be updating as I go, please check back! All theContinue reading “Reading Goals: Read the Go-Tos”

Reading Goal: Diversity Authors

I mentioned this post in my April 2021 TBR. This post should come out in the beginning of April. Racial equity is something I grew more cognizant of at UC Berkeley. So it’s an important conversation to have, especially in the current American climate! I may not be able to storm the streets, but weContinue reading “Reading Goal: Diversity Authors”