Gilmore Girls: Year In The Life Watching Blog (orientation guide)

I love Gilmore Girls (GG)❤️ Recently started listening to Mary & Blake Media podcasts 👏🏽 I really like it! 👍🏽 Just finished You’ve Been Gilmored and it made me want to rewatch it! Right now, the series is too much of a commitment, but a 4 episode season is doable 😉 But if you’re never seen GG, names and places may be confusing🤷🏽‍♀️😐 so 🤞🏽 this helps! 🤗

Key 🔑 Players

Lorelei – Rory’s mom, pregnant 🤰 at 16, Luke’s partner

Rory – Lorelei’s daughter

Emily – Lorelei’s mom, Richard’s wife

Richard – Lorelei’s dad, 🪦

Luke Danes – Lorelei’s partner, diner owner

Logan – Rory’s college boyfriend, Yale graduate, works and lives in London, Life and death brigade member

Dean – Rory’s high school boyfriend, married

Jess – Rory’s high school boyfriend

Christopher – Rory’s father, Lorelei’s high school boyfriend

Michel – Lorelei’s business partner, French 🇫🇷

Sookie – Lorelei’s best friend $ business partner

Jackson – Sookie’s husband, Lorelei’s vegetable supplier

Lane – Rory’s best friend

Finn – Rory’s college friend, Life and death brigade member

Colin – Rory’s college friend, Life and death brigade member

Notable Places 🌎

Stars Hallow, Connecticut – Home of Lorelei, Rory, Luke

Hartford, Connecticut – Home of Emily

Dragon Fly Inn – Lorelei’s business

Chilton – Rory’s high school 🏫

Yale – Rory’s college 🏫

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