For all of the advice, input, inspiration, and help ❤️

It’s no surprise I’m new to blogging 😂 So I have lots of questions 🤔 I turned towards those more experienced than me… Thank you for putting up with all my questions 🙏🏾 One of my leadership colors is blue (and gold 😂). That means I generally like to please people… That kind of explains my need for clarification… What I’ve learned from romance is miscommunication is unnecessary… As a gold, I’m goal-oriented and want to do things well… For anyone offput by my aggressive nature, I apologize 🙏🏾

You’ve heard me ramble on about having a stroke… But when I was in the hospital, I was very sad.. I felt I had just got licensed as a nurse, there was more life to live… And I had to start over remembering how I lived before.

So thank you for all the advice, feedback, and help as I start this! Though the idea 💡 and set up are mine, I couldn’t do it all ❤️


The goal 😬

So this blog is supposed to do what i dreamed my Youtube would… but I can’t edit… 😂

It being easier to cut & paste, I decided to try my hand in blogging 🤷🏽‍♀️

I figured, I have thoughts and have been reading ALOT so why not! 😂

What do y’all want to see?

Social Handles:

@listenwithprecious on IG

Listen with precious on Good Reads (may require email… 🤔 DM me on Instagram ! 🙏🏾)

Note: countering a problem 😂😆 so much I wanna read!


Me 101

🙋‍♀️! My name is Precious! aka @listenwithprecious on IG & @precious’moments on yt 🤗 I am a Filipino-American 🇺🇸 stroke survivor 👏🏽👏🏽 UC Berkeley alum UNH alum RN ❤️ HR 🎧 audio listener! 👩‍🦽 I’ve only joined the book community this year (after watching Bridgerton on Netflix 😂😍)

Part of why I’m doing this blog is to chronicle my reading journey thru Romance-land! So I’d just like to say thank you 🙏🏾 for joining me!

Love Precious

P.S. Decided to blog since I’ve been reading a crazy amount, and I have thoughts… (I’ve got reading notes… 😂) why not keep myself more accountable? 😂 I just find reading belps my mood🤷🏽‍♀️ and gives me something to do 😂

So buckle up (click it or ticket 😂) and enjoy the ride!

Plan to post weekly every Sunday at 10 am!

Additional posts via Instagram @listenwithprecious!

Stay tuned! 🙏🏾

Common abbreviations:

IG = Instagram

FB = Facebook

Devil in Disguise Preparation

So Lisa Kleypas’ new book Devil In Dishuise is coming out later this month 😬 Realistically, I don’t have enough time to read the “Ravenal series” thus far (6 books 😱) but I asked someone who’s read them all and then some 😉 for advice! They recommended It Happened One Autumn 🍂 and Devil In Winter ❄️ should be read before Devil In Disguise 🥸. Those 2 books are classics to the genre (see Reading Goals: Reading The Go-Tos – https://listenwirhprecious.com/2021/04/04/reading-goals-read-the-ho-tos/) They are part of Lisa Kleypas’ Wallpaper series. The book prior to It Happened One Aitumn is Secrets Of A Summer Night.

Devil In Disguise out July 27, 2021

That is 3 books as opposed to 6 books!

Look forward to my Devil In Disguise Reading Blog! 🤗

Life Update 7/25/21

Mood: Happy 😊

Currently Reading: Scandalous Passions by Nikola Davidson

Walk it out:

Great PT this week!

Just did 1,000 steps in 41 minutes!

Events I’m excited for: Not really 🤷🏽‍♀️ Just psyched to be alive!

Funny story 😂: I forgot 🤦🏼‍♀️

Something good: I don’t know 🤷🏽‍♀️ if it’s the weather but walking is getting easier

Loki Episode 4 Watching Blog

Watched with my partner again 😄🥰 after long break

Watched: July 7, 2021 and July 20. 2021

Star Rating (of 5): ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Content warnings: Death of a loved one

The set-up:

  • Time keeper questions
    • How many guards?
  • Variant Loki a girl?!
  • Tempad takes Varriant Loki and Loki to Lamentis-1
    • Apocalypse to come 😱
  • Tempad low battery 😂
  • Sylvie – Variant Loki, enchantress
  • 💡Evacuation vessel can charge the Tempad
  • Lolve is mischief
  • Love is a dagger 🗡… It is weilded, etc.
  • Tempad breaks
  • TVA made up of variants
  • Apocalypse has arrived 😱

3-word Summary: Tempad endangers them 😱

PT (blogging it because it was good 👍🏽)

Don’t always blog these 🤷🏽‍♀️ but I felt like it 🤗 I felt like I hit another level this session 😄 I don’t know 🤷🏽‍♀️ if it’s just hot but today I felt different, like I hit a new groove 👏🏽

Note: No one is the same! Not everyone is synonymous! This is just for MY case!

Biked 🚲 6 min.

I did 0.89 miles in 6 minutes!

Foam pad:

10 reps side-to-side

10 reps toe to heel

Standing march (off pad): 2 sets of 15 reps

Side-laying clamshell: 3 second hold x 15 reps


Cross legged pull: 2 x 30 sec.

Inner thigh stretch: 2 x 30 sec.

Lying hamstring-hip flexor stretch: 30 second hold

Created this post because I actually sweated! That only happens when I do an intense workout 😂

Most Valuable Assistive Device: MVP = Walker

I’ve already blogged somewhat about my most recent trip, but I just wanted to shed MORE light on it! Because 1) I wish I could go back and 2) I was a bit atypical.

I USUALLY am in my wheelchair 🦼 ALL the time, but I’ve been using my walker more. Here is where I differentiate between a walker and a rollator (at least in MY case).

Walker = What you think of 😂 Metal frame and 2 small tires. Commonly with 2 tennis balls.

Rollator = Bigger tires. Looks bulkier.

I use the rollator mostly outside, on my walks or in daily life. I reserve the walker for mostly indoor use. Or in this case, myy walker and my wheelchair 🦼 That way one device is outside and 1 device is inside 😉

I feel, especially, during the pandemic 😷 this is IMPORTANT

I feel especially grateful that friend’s houses I visited were so accommodating and receptive to my insights! They were happy to know their homes were ADA friendly with wide doorways, spacious bathrooms, and level floors 🤗

Also, have employed this strategy at my cousins’ house! Complimentary ADA “inspection“ 😉

Life with decreased mobility: Road trip 🚙

Going for a quick weekend trip to visit friends 🤗 Because of the pandemic 😷, it’s been awhile!

Overall, my partner, his brother, and me had a great time 😄 Always fun to revisit our old stomping grounds 😁

Pre-stroke, I already had anxiety around traveling… It’s only gotten more intense 😂 To help my anxiety (especially now) extensive planning and preparation are involved…

1. Packing list – so I don’t forget anything (Google Keeps 🤗) I usually start physically packing 1 week before 😂

Used them also so we wouldn’t forget anything on our way home 🏡!

2. Maximize comfort – ADA hotel rooms reserved

More on this 👇🏽

ADA regulations:


I’ve linked the actual PDF file but I will outline too 👇🏽 I, myself, don’t know them too well…

Notes 📝 to come…

These are the regulations as of 2010.

According to our research out room was not ADA compliant… 😡

Don’t normally drop names… But in the event anyone who needed ADA accommodations, bear this in mind…👇🏽

Sonesta Emeryville-Oakland


1. Big space

2. Comfy beds

3. Shower chair handy


1. Undetachable shower head…

Lack of rail near the room…

Common considerations:

1. Bathrooms – My partner and I make us a M/F bathroom duo… Makes it harder (and more awkward) with typical Male & Female restrooms 🚽…

💡! Bathroom sign on the door for when my partner takes me into the men’s room or my partner comes into the girl’s…

Love ❤️ family bathrooms 🚽!

On the way up used a Starbucks so it was easy!

On the way back, went to Phil’s coffee… That one was harder… The lift was broken… Normally the lift would bring you either up or down to avoid the stairs… I ended up taking the stairs… Luckily, 🤞🏽the bathroom 🚽 was single occupancy!

2. Frequent breaks – Road-trips (especially long drives) mean you’ll be sitting prolonged periods of time…

💡While sitting, you can march to get blood flowing

3. Snacks – For me, this ties in with bathrooms, since I alternate eating and drinking… I need to do that since I partially ingest my food (terminology may be incorrect)… I have residual remnants remaining in my throat after swallowing (saw in a previous swallow study)

5. Getting around a house 🏡

Part of the reason for out trip was to visit friends 🥰 That insinuates going to their house 🏡… I was concerned because my wheelchair has been everywhere with me… We got around that by bringing my indoor walker 💡 That worked great! Left my wheelchair 🦼 outside and used the walker inside! The walker had the added benefit so I could safely stand to get my blood flowing 💡

Using the walker also gave me an opportunity to give friend’s insight on their home (it’s ADA friendliness: doorway depth, space in the bathroom, levelness of the floor 😂)

What I envisioned for this series is showing alternate viewpoints! It is in NO way meant as criticque or anything negative! At the end of the day, I’m just grateful to experience these things! I’m especially grateful to MY loved ones 🥰 Know I’m not easy to deal with but thanks for dealing with me!

I was anxious writing this series… I was afraid it’d be taken the wrong way and alienate folks! That is not what I aimed to do… I thought of it as speaking my truth! 🙏🏾 This post may not deal with delicate topics, but I just wanted to disclaimer the series!

Constant consistent fear 1) another stroke 2) falling 3) peeing involuntarily 😱 These fears are always with me… Especially on trips… These fears are more intense (I’m already intense 😂)

Waiting For A Scot Like You Book Review

My content warnings:

  • Hospital scenes/hospitalization
  • Cheating 

My biases:

  • Can’t stand overt, blatant, and obvious rudeness

#3 in Union of the Rakes

Read:July 12 – 16, 2021

Star Rating (of 5): ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Content warnings: War

Prevalent Tropes: Roadtrip romance

Tropes I like! 😍

  1. Caregiving/sick bed
  2. Fake Dating 
  3. Friends to lovers
  4. Found family
  5. Single parent
  6. Bodyguard 
  7. Marriage of convenience 
  8. Disability rep
  9. Forced proximity 
  10. Wallflower 
  11. Bookish heroine
  12. Only 1 bed 🛏
  13. Teaching 🏫 
  14. Road Trip Romance 

How it’s used…

Duncan,a 2nd son and former officer is to escort widowed Lady Ferris on her journey to Nottinghamshire

Heat: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Risky
  • Not always traditional 
  • He wants to pleasure her 😍
  • Dirty talk ✅ 

Smutty times 😋:

  • 12: Bad lasses in public 
  • 16: Bound
  • 17: Goodbye sex, slow and savoring

3-word Summary: Travel then love ❤️

Representation: Scottish

POV: 3rd person

Thoughts 💭:

  • How to act appropriately
  • Dignity, honor, duty
  • Taking ownership of one’s life 
  • Take what you can get…
  • Bonds of matrimony shackles for women 

Movie/show rec: 🤷🏽‍♀️

Waiting For A Scot Like You Reading Blog

So, considering how excited I was for “Hot Highlander Summer”, we’re already on week 3 😂 Jumping in late 😂 The previous 2 books (The Secret and All Scot And Bothered) I’ll just circle back 😂 Reading ebooks take longer than listening to audiobooks!

Waiting For A Scot Like Yoi in 364 pages!

Monday: Prologue – Chapter 4

Felt the ground work was laid, all we need to know is build up 😉

A reoccurrent I see is retaking ownership of one’s (in this case Lady Ferris). I also see this applying to Duncan. After serving for 20 years, Duncan needs to discover how he’ll live his life 🤗

The attraction between Lady Ferris and Duncan is undeniable AND funny 😂 Excited to see more!

Finished tgis section on Monday…. Still playing catch up 😂 Plan is to catch up on chapters then catch yp on the thread 🤗 Now with Jeanie gone, I’m ready for the tension to amp up!

Tuesday: Chapters 5 – 9

How did I know Duncan would walk in when Lady Ferris was in the bath 🛁😂 Appreciate how after the incident, nothing happened… The tension really built up! 😂

Duncan and Lady Ferris are growing together ❤️

I feel when Lady Ferris stumble on the Roman Ruin hill into Duncan’s marked a turning point in their relationship 😍

Carriage scene was unfortunate, but did showcase how caring Duncan is!

Wednesday: Chapters 10 – 13

Love that Lady Ferris and Duncan are becoming more comfortable with each other!

AND bold 😂 Sex where they can be easily be seen too!

Love that when they’re together, their issues of duty and identity move to the background 😂 Them together is 🥵 🔥 🥵 

Got to join in on my book club discussion! Finally caught up 🤗

Thursday: Chapters 14 – 17

More smutty times in this section 😂 Many personas of their love-making 😍

Story, for a bit, was relly flashdance-esk

Admittedly I might have to go back 2 chapters… Was a little confused 🤷🏽‍♀️ 

Duncan has a dirty mouth 😂 His more dominant (and bossy 😂) alter ego firtingly contrasts with the older Lady Ferris

Duncan’s 2 sides to his sexuality contrast well!

Friday: Chapters 18 – Epilogue

Break in scene was unexpected… Added more of a high stakes situation to the story…At this time, 

Lady Ferris and Duncan are a natural pairing 😍 Nothing like a life or death situation to give perspective 💡 

End of their trip.. Lord Gibb’s meeting… And taking in the other guests 😂 Duncan and Beatrice alone in a room…

Both Durham and Beatrice lost their sexual appetites..

Heart to heart talk with Rowe and Curtis ♥️ Offered more perspective 😂 Duncan resolves to fight for Beatrice ♥️👏🏽

Romantic displays 🎆👏🏽

Now I want to read the Union Of The Rakes series…Loved how the epilogue didn’t just fixate on Duncan and Beatrice! Not a traditional HEA but befitting for them!

Educate myself: Decubitus Ulcers

Thought of the series because I have always been passionate about education and educating yourself about issues

Being wheelchair-bound decubitus ulcer’s (bed sores/pressure ulcers) are a constant realistic to worry… even with a nursing education I am still unsure about the proper diagnosis and care of a patient with resultseven with a nursing education I am still unsure about the proper diagnosis and care of a patient with results… This is Relevant relevant to me because Reading requires me to sit on my butt for long periods of time. Also as a compose this post I am doing it through talk to text because I can’t lay on my butt at the moment

My partner and I noticed gray and flaky skin last name and sole Lee messaged my PCP and we’re probably gonna meet with her at the video conference sometime this week

As a fotmer EMT, I’ve actually never seen a decubitus ulcer. All I knew was it was painful, has a distinct smell, and is more severe the deeper you go…


Turn every 2 hours!

I’ll try to use everyday talk and less nurse talk 😉

How do pressure ulcers form?

Bed sores are the result of tissue death 😱 That occurs from lack of blood flow… When you’re in a position for too long, oxygen may be cut off… That results in tissue death…

According to Web MD, decubitus ulcers are classified into 4 stages (based on severity and depth of affected tissue):

Note; I copy a lot but try to explain HOW I found my source…

1. Stage 1mildest stage, involves the most superficial layers of skin, commonly over bony prominences (head, butt)

Symptoms (S/S): Pain, burning, or itching are common symptoms. The spot may also feel different from the surrounding skin: firmer or softer, warmer or cooler You may notice a red area on your skin. If you have darker skin, the discolored area may be harder to see. The spot doesn’t get lighter when you press on it, or even 10 to 30 minutes after you stop pressing. This means less blood is getting to the area..”

Note: Sogn and sympathetic (C&P from WebMD. There’s more information at https://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/pressure-sores-4-stages

2. Stage 2

Symptoms (S/S):

Your skin is broken, leaves an open wound, or looks like a pus-filled blister

The area is swollen, warm, and/or red. The sore may ooze clear fluid or pus. And it’s painful.

3.Stage 3

Symptoms (S/S): The sore looks like a crater and may have a bad odor. It may show signs of infection: red edges, pus, odor, heat, and/or drainage. The tissue in or around the sore is black if it has died.

4.Stage 4

Symptoms (S/S): The sore is deep and big. Skin has turned black and shows signs of infection — red edges, pus, odor, heat, and/or drainage. You may be able to see tendons, muscles, and bone.