Life Update 4/16/21

Mood: Confused 🤷🏽‍♀️

Currently Reading: 3 books currently! Wrote them down but it got erased 😂🤦‍♀️

Walk it out: See my “Return To PT” post

Events I’m excited for: WEnt to a “drive-by” baby 🍼 shower! Congratulations 👏🏽

Funny story 😂: Wrote this 3x 😂🤦‍♀️

Something good : Returning to normal! Reading 3 books, scheduled doctor appointments…

His At Night Book Review

Book 📖: His At Night

Author: Sherry Thomas

#3 in The London Trilogy

Read: May 2021

Star Rating (of 5): ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Trigger warnings: Abuse, Domestic violence

Prevalent Tropes: Marriage of convenience

3-word Summary: House captivity scheme

The set-up: Ellessande wants to get out of her house and Vere finds gimself in a position where he must marry Ellissande…

Thoughts 💭:

  • Manipulation and disguises to get what you want
  • The impact of blood 
  • Birth secrets 😨 

Movie/show rec: 🤷🏽‍♀️

His At Night Reading Blog (Initial Read)

So the chapter breakdowns may be slightly off from the book club readalong I will participate in… To alleviate this potential mistake… Will reread the book and will redo the reading blog! But my initial reactions can be found below 👇🏽…

Week of 5/10-5/14

Monday: Chapters 1 – 4

Story groundwork laid 🤔 Doesn’t feel too high stakes

Reread His At Night on 2x speed through Scribd! 👏🏽 for utilizing your subscriptions!

Tuesday: Chapters 5 – 8

Tuned out after Lady Avery arives… 🤷🏽‍♀️ Try to catch on as I continue reading…

Elle keeps going from Vere and Freddy… At a certain point she’d have to choose 🤔 

Elle blantly manipulates circumferences so Vere has to marry Elle… Vere finally getting married 😂 In this time period, women are powerless… But to be manipulative… Two wrongs don’t make a right!

Wednesday: Chapters 9 – 12

Fell asleep sometime between chapters 10-11… I’ll have to reread them..

Chapter 10 exciting 😂 I find it hard to stomach them… Because of Elle’s manipulations… I know there’s a reason for it, but… Leaves a bad taste in my mouth…

Attention scattered in these chapters… Plot got more interesting as I went! Still against the manipulation that occurred…

But then we see the interaction between Elle and Uncle Edmund… Threatens and strikes fear into Elle… 

Feel like we see their relationship progress…Trying to understand Elle’s hesitancy with being allne with Vere..

Thursday: Chapters 13 – 17

I don’t know 🤷🏽‍♀️ if it’s my attention or the story… but I’m unfocused…

Would have had preferred them being in love 😍 before having sex… Vere keeps going back and forth from hate and admiration…

Dumbness… Perceived intelligence 🤔 Is Vere for real dumb or is he acting? Elle wonders…

Arrest of Uncle Edmund… satisfying, yet another manipulation… 🤔 Here we see how the story uses manipulation positively and negatively… But the story is slowly wrapping up!

Freddy and Anjelica story line… It was nice, light, and amusing 😂

Note: Still figuring out blogging 😂 might be in the wrong place… Spoilers may occur 😂

This book has provided insight in what I DON’T like… I really can’t stomach entrapment… It affects my enjoyment of the story and just leaves a bad taste in my mouth…

Friday: Chapters 18 – 22

I’m okay with an annulment…

Curious when Aunt Rachel found out about Edmund’s bwing an imposter 😨 A reveal I didn’t see coming…

Not super invested romance-wise… But definitely intrigued by the plot…

Uncle Edmond became crazy Villainous… The storyline was so much more than I anticipated… Birth reveal blew my mind…

Aunt Rachel lucid the whole time… Playing dumb vs being dumb is annother point of contemplation…

Story got a little bonkers but, in doing so, became more… So much happens in the last 3 chapters …Thank goodness I took notes 😂 Had to rewind a few times 😂

To feel invested in Freddy’s storyline, would have liked him more in the story…

So much has happened to them… Just glad to See them happy 😃👏🏽

Shadow And Bone Watching Blog Episode 8

Binged some episodes then DRASTICALLY slowed it down 😂 My partner and I don’t want it to end… The 1st season was very interesting 🤔 

It is my understanding, the Netflix show combines the Shadow And Bone trilogy with the 6 of Crows duet! My plan is to read the trilogy after season 1! From a reading vlog I watched, watching the show THEN reading the books may be the ideal order 👏🏽

I cAn “cheat” Fridays and Saturdays and usually its eith boba 🧋😂 Hence why we made it an event, so it’s exciting 😂

One word to describe the finale… Epic! 👏🏽 The story successfully made us want more! We still have questions, got some answers, and are feening for season 2! 

Nina and Marius re-enter the sory after being gone for episode 7.Their arc is decidedly enemies to lovers, involving chocking in a non-sexual way 😂

Pretty sure Mal and Alina (Malina 😂) are for keeps! Their relationship is nore than the typical lovers kind of love.. Excited for the upcoming interactions with the Six of Crows crew!

The Darkling is pretty villainous from this point… And the Fold just got scarier… 😱 

Overall, liked the show! Know want to read the books! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Return to PT

Returned to PT today 👏🏽 Felt good to be back 👏🏽 Due to scheduling, I saw a new PT today for my evaluation… He put me to work right away 👏🏽

Started the appointment on the parallel bars… Did a few balancing exercises then I did some (5) step-overs. Then I moved to the matt and did some of my home exercises (bridges, leg raises, and clamshells with a green resistance band)

Due to scheduling, won’t be back for 2 weeks… I’ll be working with my old teleHealth PT 👏🏽 Excited to finally meet him! 👏🏽


For anyone who doesn’t already know, the title of this post is Primary Care Provider Follow-Up (in its elongated form 😂)

It went well! My condition stable 👍🏽 It was a chance to catch up with my doctor 😂 For anyone who knows me, I’m chatty 😂 And I chatted with her 😁

In 👩‍⚕️ checklist, I talked all about involving a checklist in your care… I did 😂 Before my appointment I messaged my checklist over to my PCP. At the appointment today, I love how she printed out the list and we followed/addressed EVERY point on the list! I felt genuinely involved in my care, not in the least disregarded! 👏🏽

Most of the items on my list was preventive. 🤔 That’s another important aspect to your care. You want it to anticipate potential problems, not just react to them!

Not much may have happened (and that’s a good thing!) but I feel like it strengthened our communication as provider and patient! 👏🏽

My aim with these kinds of posts is to encourage better and more efficient communication (and self-advocacy too!). I don’t want to just say these things, but also employ them in MY care! 🤗

The Demon In The Woods Reading Blog

So at my neuro f/u, my neurologist suggested I get back into reading books 📚 I was all for it! I like audiobooks but lately I’ve been seeing where it needs work.. Namely availability! Some books don’t currently have an audiobook… But ebooks can revolutionize my reading! I was excited to think I can finally get a Kindle! Ever since then, I’ve been doing research, into divices, Kinle Unlimited (KU) books I’d LOVE to read… The appeal of ebooks to me is I don’t have to worry about storage 😂 An added benign is that I can make font larger, they currently have 3 spacing options, and it’s waterproof 👏🏽 Still don’t have one… But already reading The Demon In The Woods by Leigh Bardugo! It’s the orgin story of the Darkling from Shadow And Bone!

For this novella (and shorter formats) I’ll update before and after! Currently have 2 reading blogs going! 😂. Under my current settings (on my phone 📱) this novella is 112 pages, novellas are typically less than 300 pages.

I’m going to only (try to read ebooks after lunch to dinner…) in an effort to minimize eye strain… I noticed at night things take longer to come into focus… The blog structure is still a work in progress (WIP) 🤞🏽 so hopefully it will flow ok 👌🏼😂

In Eryk’s world, it’s dangerous ⚠️ to be a Grisha… As a result, 13 year old Eryk and his mom escape from the south to the north… Its normal for them to be constantly on the move…

Don’t read many novellas… But I like a full story… Ended kind of abruptly, in my opinion.. It wasn’t what I expected… For one, it went hurther back than expected… By the time they were done introducing Eryk’s world, it was done ✅😂

The novella was a good way to reorient my eyes 👀 to reading though! For that reason alone, this was worthwhile! 😂 It was short so I didn’t lose anything from reading it

So I just realized I read the sample edition… 🤦‍♀️ Full novella available on Amazon for $0.99! Look what I’ll be reading tomorrow 😅

Bought the Kindle ebook! Now it shows it as 71 pages 🤷🏽‍♀️ Just hope 🤞🏽 I get a more complete this time around 😂

I’ll start from page 1! The sample only goes to page 9 😂

We ended upon meeting the Ulle…

Read pages 1-23 👏🏽 I had to stop for dinner 🥘 I’m trying to adhere to reading with my eyes from lunch to dinner, afterwards I’ll listen 😛

So the full novella is definitely more interesting than the sample version 😂 So to expand on what I previously read. I have to admit, I love stories with kids and pets, about kids and/or pets 😊

The novella left me feeling satisfied 👍🏽 The story is way more than I thought 💭😂 There was a character zo was confused 🤷🏽‍♀️ about from the show to novella: Annika… She is someone different from the books and show…

The Cross Of Gilded Bones Book Review

The Cross Of Gilded Bones by Jennifer L. Armentrout

#3 in From Blood And Ash

Read: April 29, 2021 – May 2, 2021

Star Rating (of 5): ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Trigger warnings: Birth secrets 🤫

Prevalent Tropes: Birth secrets 🤫

3-word Summary: Secret lineage revealed!

The set-up: 3rd book with Poppy and Cas ❤️ They’re married, are due to be the King and Queen of Atlantia…

Thoughts 💭:

  • How would you react to revelations?
  • Predictions for book 4?

Movie/show rec: 🤷🏽‍♀️

Life Update 5/9/21

Mood: Happy 😊 😃

Currently Reading 📖: His At Night by Sherry Thomas 😊 About to start Shadow And Bone by Leigh Bardugo

Walk it out: 🚴 and walk 1 block at a time in preparation for my upcoming return to PT 😬

Events I’m excited for: 👨‍⚕️ appointments

Funny story 😂: Upcoming viewing of the last episode of Shadow And Bone 😬 My partner calls it Shadow And Boba 🧋😂

Something good: Return to normalcy.Changed Something Inspirational to Something Good! Just a (+) person! Never aspired to be inspirational…Trying to provide goodness! If people find my story inspirational… I’ll take it! 😂

The Crown Of Gilded Bones 👑 Reading Blog

I’ve read the 1st 2 books in the series 👏🏽 Really enjoyed the 1st one, need to reread the 2nd…. But alas… Time constraints 😂 Once again, find myself with too much to read… Either sleep or read 😂 

Just know the series is about Poppy and Cas ♥️ The first book was their bodyguard romance… The 2nd their journey to marriage 👰‍♀️ The 3tf book is about 🤷🏽‍♀️😂… Plan to keep it that way (trying to avoid spoilers)… The book was released 4/20 so the hype is real right now…. The internet is scary 👻 


Proud I didn’t succumb to the hype 👏🏽 This much anticipated release dropped 4/20, but I stuck to my TBR 👏🏽

I was confused 😂 Trying to get my bearings… Tried to look back on my reading notes 📝 from my initial read, but they didn’t help…

Things slowly coming into focuy… Maybe I should have reread A Kingdom Of Flesh And Fire 🤔 😂 Just to refresh my memory… Too late! 😂

Commander Jenson drama seems random… Trying to understand…

Already miss Cas’ prescence 😢 Arrow hit unexpected but glad he’s not dead 😰 I don’t know where the story is going… 🤷🏽‍♀️

Chapter 6

Inquisition Take 2? Bad men are influenced by bad motivations… Find Alistair’s motivations more believable than Jenson.. I can, though misdirected, Alistair’s motivation for his stint into villainry..

Chapter 17

Poppy’s self control reminds me of Bella Swan from Twilight 😂 This book is like Twilight  fanfiction 😂

Still learning background information 🤔 Especially about Poppy’s liniage… Excited to learn more of it!

Still getting background information, especially Poppy’s ancestry. 🤔

Noticed my attention wandering back in chapter 12… it might be me or the story 🤷🏽‍♀️

Chapter 28

Fell asleep sometime between chapter 17 & 29… The last thing I remember is the questions regarding Poppy’s ancestry… To go back and reread or proceed 🤔 Since my attention’s been scattered… Decided to just go on… Usually, I start to put 2 & 2 together…. Hopefully 🤞🏽 nothing eric happened 😂

Feel a little slumpy… Trying to finish this book and The Wallflower Wager… Just trying to meet my goals…

Discombobulated… 😂 Thought I was gurther into the book.. Realized I was in Chapter 24…

Poppy officially meets Cas’ parents… Mixture of Poppy’s anxiety, Cas’ mom’s disapproval… Not what people think of first meetings…Cas intends to gain insight to what Poppy is now…Cas’ mom apologizes 👍🏽

Poppy is getting reveal after reveal… She remains a mystery… 🤔 

Poppy and Cas want to find and free Maleck.. Plan to find Ian…

The books and sections of the books can be divided… From chapter 28-39 can be the “rule or NOT to rule section”… Poppy has been lead to this decision all series long… 🤔 

Still loving Poppy’s ralationships with Cas, Kirin, and all the Woven 👏🏽

The series is character-driven, focusing on Poppy and her relationships 👏🏽

Chapter 39

So I may be updating in between my chapter ranges 😂 Listening on audio so I’ve got my phone 📱 on hand 😂

Feel like the story is coming together 😄 Poppy understandable her family history more, her and Cas are king and queen of Atlantia, and they plan to free Maleck 👏🏽 Just feel satisfied with how things are being resolved 👍🏽

End of book 📖

Revenants would make up an ascendant army…

Poppy’s heritage revealed 😨 

All the reveals for Poppy’s family history unexplained… Just sat back and tried to absorb it…I understand Poppy’s reaction…I would be angry too! Poppy had a hard life then finds out and has to deal with all these reveals…

The intensity of Cas’ love for Poppy ❤️ He doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice to keep Poppy alive ❤️

End on a cliffhanger… another book in the series? According to Goodreads there will be another book… My interest is definitely piqued 🤔