Deal With The Demon Reading Blog

As part of the Love In The Night Readathon I’m taking part in, Deal With The Demon is the group book. I’m also using it for the following bingo prompts: Read a demon novel 👿, Try a different format, and Read the group book. This would be my MOST efficient TBR for a readathon yetContinue reading “Deal With The Demon Reading Blog”

Deal With The Demon Book Review

Deal With The Demon by Chase Verity  Read: May 2021 Star Rating (of 5): ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Trigger warnings: Mail order bride, Coming out Prevalent Tropes: Mail order bride, House husband 3-word Summary: Mom summons demon The set-up: Heidi is a single parent, hustling to provide for her family. Drystain is a demon, brought into Heidi’s lifeContinue reading “Deal With The Demon Book Review”

Love In The Night Readathon 🐺

So The Love In The Night Readathon (#loveinthenight) is a paranoid romance Readathon I’m going to participate in! It spans Monday to the following Monday (so 1 week!) Below I’ve attached my TBR for the readathon 🤗 I’ll probably follow the same blogging format that I’ve used for previous readathons (namely the day of theContinue reading “Love In The Night Readathon 🐺”

The Wallflower Wager Reading Blog

So this is the last tirle in Tesa Dare’s Girl Meets Duke series! Still ongoing but highly recommend and a good entry point into HR! The first 2 books The Duchess Deal and The Governess Game were relatively light and rom-com-y 👏🏽 I enjoy both of them so far! 👏🏽 The thing with me andContinue reading “The Wallflower Wager Reading Blog”

His At Night Readalong Reading Blog

Rereading His At Night by Sherry Thomas, just finished my initial read 5/9/21. Completed the readalong the week of my book club Readalong 👏🏽 Glad I Was able to read it for the 1st time on time! Monday: Chapters 1 – 4: The groundwork was laid AND laid well! Caught on to more details theContinue reading “His At Night Readalong Reading Blog”

His At Night Reading Blog (Initial Read)

So the chapter breakdowns may be slightly off from the book club readalong I will participate in… To alleviate this potential mistake… Will reread the book and will redo the reading blog! But my initial reactions can be found below 👇🏽… Week of 5/10-5/14 Monday: Chapters 1 – 4 Story groundwork laid 🤔 Doesn’t feelContinue reading “His At Night Reading Blog (Initial Read)”

His At Night Book Review

Book 📖: His At Night Author: Sherry Thomas #3 in The London Trilogy Read: May 2021 Star Rating (of 5): ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Trigger warnings: Abuse, Domestic violence Prevalent Tropes: Marriage of convenience 3-word Summary: House captivity scheme The set-up: Ellessande wants to get out of her house and Vere finds gimself in a position where heContinue reading “His At Night Book Review”

The Demon In The Woods Reading Blog

So at my neuro f/u, my neurologist suggested I get back into reading books 📚 I was all for it! I like audiobooks but lately I’ve been seeing where it needs work.. Namely availability! Some books don’t currently have an audiobook… But ebooks can revolutionize my reading! I was excited to think I can finallyContinue reading “The Demon In The Woods Reading Blog”