In the initial post, I c&p’d the links for each of my posts… This is more of a level up! I’ve grouped posts depending on its content, to better cater to the various sides of my personality

Originally, I compiled these lists for older family members… I wanted to save them the trouble of sifting through ALL my posts 😂 I just wanted to be more accommodating 😉

Broke it up by posts related to me (Me 101, life updates, etc.), posts related to healthcare (vaccine update, doctor appointments, etc), posts related to PT, life-hacks! That’s it (for now 😂)!

See the most recent life update (too many to include 😂)

These are posts I’m passionate about and gives a better idea of who I am!

I just feel like these collection of posts give better idea 💡 of who I am. I’m trying to avoid being misunderstood…

Me 101

🙋‍♀️! My name is Precious! aka @listenwithprecious on IG & @precious’moments on yt 🤗 I am a Filipino-American 🇺🇸 stroke survivor 👏🏽👏🏽 UC Berkeley alum UNH alum RN ❤️ HR 🎧 audio listener! 👩‍🦽 I’ve only joined the book community this year (after watching Bridgerton on Netflix 😂😍)

Part of why I’m doing this blog is to chronicle my reading journey thru Romance-land! So I’d just like to say thank you 🙏🏾 for joining me!

Love Precious

P.S. Decided to blog since I’ve been reading a crazy amount, and I have thoughts… (I’ve got reading notes… 😂) why not keep myself more accountable? 😂 I just find reading belps my mood🤷🏽‍♀️ and gives me something to do 😂

So buckle up (click it or ticket 😂) and enjoy the ride!

Plan to post weekly every Sunday at 10 am!

Additional posts via Instagram @listenwithprecious!

Stay tuned! 🙏🏾

Common abbreviations:

IG = Instagram

FB = Facebook

The goal 😁

So this blog is supposed to do what i dreamed my Youtube would… but I can’t edit… 😂

It being easier to cut & paste, I decided to try my hand in blogging 🤷🏽‍♀️

I figured, I have thoughts and have been reading ALOT so why not! 😂

What do y’all want to see?

Social Handles:

@listenwithprecious on IG

Listen with precious on Good Reads (may require email… 🤔 DM me on Instagram ! 🙏🏾)

Note: countering a problem 😂😆 so much I wanna read!

disABLED modifications

Disclaimer: I would NEVER claim to know everything about being disabled! This is just what I do/pertinent to me…

Suggestions and recommendations welcome!

I wanted to dedicate part of my blog to the DIFFERENTLY ABLED 😄 It can be frustrating to constantly have to adapt… From my experience, I use these modifications/life hacks… Always open to yours too!

Must haves

Wireless keyboard

Wireless mouse 🐁

Have some content on my old YT channel, but I stopped since editing was difficult… I wanted to focus on what I can do on my own! 🤗

TTS – Read Aloud Chrome Extension

Reads aloud what’s on the screen 📺 VS highlight and read what I want to be read. Have both, read aloud on my computer 👩‍💻, highlight and read on my phone 📱

Bookish Sick Chicks Chat Reaction Blog

Found this YT video yesterday! Elongates my disability-yeah mood at the moment! 😂 Always glad when I come across people with similar expectations… NOT that I want anyone to be sick…

Sick people Do’s and DON’Ts:

1. Don’t stare.

2. If you’re ever unsure if you should ask… probably better to not.

3. Avoid unsolicited advice.

4. Don’t remark on appropriates.

5. Don’t say things with your eyes

6. Just listen.

7. Let them be mad 😡 .

8. “How can I help?”

9. Avoid “should” statements

10. Be understanding

Note: These “rules “ are my recommendations. I am not absolute.

Note: Everyone reacts differently! Just be courtious, it’s all I can suggest in GENERAL

So, in order to get to this video, watched a different video first that linked me here. BUT I FOUnD IT! 👏🏽

Bit of a chunker video (about 3:38) but so grateful this was addressed! One of the main reasons I got into reading romance is that wearing my headphones 🎧 and doing something ALONE is nice and my experience with romance book commentary has been awesome!

Really enjoyed hearing similar but different diagnoses stories! Thanks for sharing! Know it’s personal but a common thread Ive seen is self-advocacy and self-education…Both are SO important

So my whole dive is partly due to by @peacelovebooksxo. After watching that video, I was so hyped! It also links the Bookish Sick Chicks Chat 👏🏽 My introduction with the romance booktube community was partly influenced by @peacelovebooksxo 👏🏽

Apologies this post is a little all over the place! 🙏🏾 From now on, my reaction to the chat 🙌🏽 There were tears 😭 Felt like I was reliving the experience (in a cathartic way…)

A common theme I see is self-advocacy and self-education (hi google! 😂) so for providers, please recognize your unique position 🙏🏾 As someone with doctor, nurse, therapy friends… It’s no one’s fault, it’s life! This is someone’s life, it’s not a game!

All I’ve had until the strokes were migraines (with aura, vomiting) since 7th grade. Had my first migraine at the mall… Threw up in the food court… As I got older, I would still get migraines… When that happened, I had to shut down… I would regularly go to my best friend. To lie down, throw up, and wait for the migraine to pass… I wouldn’t drive until it was gone…

My migraines usually would resolve after throwing up. As I got older, that was no longer true… Keep in mind my memory is foggy after the summer of 2018… Remember coming home. Don’t remember walking into a wall…

Went back to Boston, going to work as a cardiac surgery RN. Don’t remember much besides going to work, being tired, and snow ⛄️

As I watch the video I wrote this…

Granted its hole-y, but leading up to November 27,2017, I felt unsteady. It felt like I was going to fall… Stayed in my room, called off work… The day of the stroke, remember crawling from my bathroom to my room… My friend found me… She asked me if I could walk.. She called the ambulance and I went to the hospital… I had a stroke… Did a stint in the Neuro ICU, ran A LOT of tests because we still didn’t know why I had a stroke… Come to find out, I’m hyper-colagable. That means I form blood clots easily.

A stroke is the disruption of blood flow to the brain. People usually have 1) a blood clot or 2) a brain bleed.

With illness, there’s still some humor… 😂 The chat did have LOL moments. I, personally, like to joke (especially on myself) I think it just depends on the time, place, audience. For me, I try to remember people aren’t 🤞🏽 malicious…

I had my stroke November 27. 2017. That day is pretty foggy 🌫 can’t imagine what it was like for my friends and family… Im sorry for the position i put everyone in! 🙏🏾

Something I really wondered about was maintaining my privacy yet being transparent…

Social anxiety is real…Get anious when eating in front of anyone… I hate chocking! Dread coughing even…

Being sick, gratefulness is KEY 🔑 Just recognizes the privalege to be alive, thankful to everyone who loves you, being to do whatever you can… it helps tons because dark days are gonna come… the anger is real… my old therapist told me “It’s okay to be mad” ❤️ soo true…

Audiobooks are a godsend! Really enables me to read (more like listen 🎧) Something I heard really resonated with me… “shut your ablist mouth!” 😂

The genetic component of my hyper-colagibilty was my #1 concern… Wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone… I’m prone to miscarrages… If I wver were to become pregnant, it would be high risk… Fortunately, I’ve accepted that…

Day in MY life

NOTE: Varies daily. Depends where I am.

Location change. Able to update more frequently.

Feels self-important to me… 😂 but realized it’s important to talk about…like someone 😉 said: blogging is journaling.

Feel like it provides context for why I do what I do…

Wake up, put on my head/earphones, try & do bed exercises, eat brunch

When I eat, I can’t talk so it’s safer to just wear head/earphones 🤷🏽‍♀️ listening to a book just puts me in a new world 🌎

There’s a baby in our home 🤫she lights up the house 🤗 Formerly would just park my wheelchair 🦽 and listen so I can keep an eye on her as she sleeps

A baby naturally sleeps alot. I go into my room so the floor doesn’t creek

Migraines EST 2002

Ever since 12 yo… I’ve had migraines… They are common in my family… My dad has them, my sister, some of my cousins… Severity varies but they are present…

Note: From what I remember…

I had my first migraine in 7th grade… I was at the mall with friends. I remember we were at the food part and then I started to feel like some pain in my head until I went to the bathroomI remember we were at the food part and then I started to feel like some pain in my head until I went to the bathroom, as I was walking back from the bathroom I kind of felt the urge to throw up like I just felt very nauseous. I threw up in front of the kids playground at the food court (I really hope the kids didn’t see 😂)

That was my first migraine. From then on Michael and continue to plague meFrom then on Michael and continue to plague meFrom then on Michael and continue to plague me. When that happened, i’d catch a ride to my best friends house and I would stay there until my headache surpassed…

When I had my stroke, I just thought it was a headache. Headaches are just a part of my normal life… It wasn’t until I was unable to walk today but no something was really wrong and so I called for help.

I, honestly, wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for her(I Will be eternally grateful🙏🏾). I was rushed to the hospital and luckily they were able to treat me quickly.

Unfortunately this was not my first trip to the ER that weekUnfortunately this was not my first trip to the ER that week. I was there because they said nothing was wrong with me… Imagine my story if I hadn’t been sent home… I have perplexed my medical team. I was it a typical Stroke patientstroke patient.I was it a typical stroke patientI was it a typical stroke patientI was it a typical stroke patient… I was only 29 years old, relatively fit and active, and had no prior personal medical history to speak of… so why did I have a stroke?

After many tests, it was discovered that my blood was hyper coagulable. That means that my blood tends to form plus more quickly and that was the cause of my stroke…

Note: Each stroke is different! Depending on what part of the brain is affected, disabilities may vary…

Signs & Symptoms (S/S) of a stroke:

Facial droop

One-sided weakness

Everyone may show different S/S depending on what part of the brain is affected!

Strokes are time-sensitive!

Golden hour 🪟 = 1 hour

Time from recognition TO treatment!

Treatment depends on what kind of stroke you are having!

Types of stroke:

Ischemic: Caused by a blood clot

Commonly treated with TPA

May require a lifelong blood thinner

Hemorrhagic: Caused by a brain bleed

Find the bleed! May require surgery…


Note: Not a formal one but I included the links! 👇🏽Tried to write what I remembered from nursing school! The links are checks!

Note: There may not be a correlation between migraines and stroke… I, just personally, couldn’t differentiate between the 2… Just what to be aware for…

For all of the advice, input, and help ❤️

It’s bo surprise I’m new to blogging 😂 So I have lots of questions 🤔 I turned towards those more experienced than me… Thank you for putting up with all my questions 🙏🏾 One of my leadership colors is blue (and fold 😂). That means I generally like to please people… That kind of explains my need of clarification… What I’ve learned from romance, miscommunication is unnecessary… As a gold, I’m goal-oriented and want to do things well… For anyone offput by my aggressive nature, I apologize 🙏🏾

You’ve heard me ramble on about having a stroke… But when I was in the hospital, I was very sad.. I felt I had just got liscenced as a nurse, there was moylife to live… And I had to start over remembering how I

So thank you for all the advice, feedback, and help as I start this! Though the idea 💡 and set up are mine, I couldn’t do it all ❤️

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Watching Blog

Added this section especially for my familyv and friends who don’t have the time ⏰⌚️ I still wanted to push myself to put out something for them!

Watching TV 📺/movies were a nig part of my life pre-stroke 😄

Also, it’s something nice I can do with my partner 😉 Alot of these are also done with him 😘

Please see my “For Your Eyes Only 👀 “

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