Life Update 1/8/23

Mood: Steady Currently Reading: A Court Of Wings And Ruin Walk it out: Still at it Events I’m excited for: Recupperating from the holidays Something good : Low key restful weekend 😁 Walking route elongation πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Something bad: Covid 😷 Getting tired πŸ₯± Something great 😁: Holidays and family time 🫢🏼🫰

Just taking you on my reading 😁 #52

Books πŸ“š included: There’s Something About Merry, Along Came Holly, Her Naughty Holiday, One Hot December, The Naughty, The Nice, And The Nanny, Three Bells, Two Bows, And A Brother’s Best Friend, A Partridge And A Pregnancy Sunday There’s Something About Merry Jace sick 🀒 😱 Merry takes care of Jace 😍 kiss 😘 SamContinue reading “Just taking you on my reading 😁 #52”