Life Update 12/26/21

Mood: Steady Currently Reading: A Mistletoe Kiss by Eloisa James and The Duke Of Christmas Present by Sarah MacLean. Still in a holiday mood πŸŽ„ Walk it out: PT last Thursday Events I’m excited for: Christmas Eve Christmas Something good : Restarted PT 😁 Something bad: COVID 😷 Something great 😁: πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Back in PT!

Last PT: around August 19, 2021 So it’s been awhile πŸ˜‹πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚ since this πŸ‘†πŸΌ insurance and stuff has put PT on ⏸ Parallel bars 10 sit to stands (TTS) 3×10 side taps 3×10 back taps 3×10 front taps Therabands 3×10 row 3×10 pull downs So I’ve learned dome stuff in the meantime: While onContinue reading “Back in PT!”

A Boy Called Christmas Watching Blog

Watched on Scener with a loved πŸ₯° one Watched: December 17, 2021 Platform: Netflix Duration: 1 hour 59 minutes Rotten Tomato πŸ… Rating: 83% πŸ… Star Rating (of 5): ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Book to movie/show 🍿 : 🍿🍿🍿 Enjoyment πŸ€—: πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— Heat πŸ”₯: πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Rewatchable?: N Content warnings: Death of a loved one The set-up: Key πŸ”‘Continue reading “A Boy Called Christmas Watching Blog”

Life Update 12/19/21

Mood: Steady Currently Reading: Walking In A Witchy Wonderland by Juliette Cross, The Trouble With Mistletoe by Jill Shavis, A Tale Of Two Cities by Alexandra Warren, etc. I feel it keeps growing 😏 Walk it out: PT Thursday 🀞🏼 Events I’m excited for: Christmas next week πŸŽ„ Something good : Book Review β™₯️ WatchingContinue reading “Life Update 12/19/21”

Elf Watching Blog

Rewatched with my partner β™₯️ Watched: December 12, 2021 Platform: HBO Max Duration: 1 hour 36 minutes Rotten Tomato πŸ… Rating: 85% πŸ… Star Rating (of 5): ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Always a good holiday movie 🍿 Book to movie/show 🍿 : N Enjoyment πŸ€—: πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— Funier than I remember πŸ˜‚ like I was watching it for theContinue reading “Elf Watching Blog”

Life Update 12/12/21

Mood: Steady Currently Reading: Lady Some hie’s Christmas Wish by Grace Vyrros, Heiress Alone by Sophie Jordan, A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas, and My American Duchess by Eloisa James Walk it out: PT still in the works Events I’m excited for: Calm befothe Cheistmas storm Something good : Christmas gifts 🎁 concepualized Finished aContinue reading “Life Update 12/12/21”

Black Widow πŸ•· Rewatch

In case anyone wonders if watching blogs are helpful, used my black widow one today πŸ˜‰ I find Marvel’s new show, Hawkeye, to be well connected to the MCU πŸ€” So I thought a refresher would be good πŸ‘πŸ½ Found it to be really helpful πŸ˜‰ Especially in the Marvel Universe, where movies andContinue reading “Black Widow πŸ•· Rewatch”

Noelle Rewatching Blog

Testing out Scener Watch Parties 😏 with my cousin β™₯️ Just wanted to be preparred for the 12/10 viewing of Jingle Jangle πŸ˜‰ Thought πŸ’­ I’ve seen it before but πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ The plot is different from what I remember πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Anna Kendrick is hilarious πŸ˜‚ Noelle Kringle – Santa’s daughter Nick Kringle – Santa’s son,Continue reading “Noelle Rewatching Blog”

I’m going to use #s!

So I realized something today…. For anyone who knows me, I like organization. What better use than #. I’ll tag some of my more memorable posts with #listenwithprecious. I’ll also use #lifeupdate on life updates from now on πŸ˜‰ So 🀞🏼 the blog will be a little better organized πŸ˜‚ I’m aware it’s gotten bigContinue reading “I’m going to use #s!”

Life Update 12/5/21

Mood: Excited 😬 Currently Reading: One Night Is Never Enough by Anne Mallory, Her Wanton Wager by Grace Callaway, starting My American Duchess by Eloisa James, and resuming A Tale Of Two Cities by Alexandra Warren Walk it out: Scheduled a PT session! Events I’m excited for: Surprise 🀫 trip for a birthday πŸ₯³ SomethingContinue reading “Life Update 12/5/21”