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Before I begin:

Picked up the book for a book club, just finished

Wanted another audiobook. Refreshing this story isn’t exclusively about peers.

Chapter 6

Beginning was instantly action-packed then segwayed into the set-up. From what I gather, Alex enters the Flemming house as Rose’s footman under suspicion Flemming is trying to take his land (and is competting with his travel log business because Flemming’s map 🗺 making business is successful 🧐 Rose being married, normally would make me worry 😱 but also learned the successful map making business is due to Rose 🤐

Chapter 17

The twist was unexpected 😱 Like Rose and Alex 🥰 Roger is villainous 🦹‍♂️ 🤬 Just want to cheer for Rose ✊🏽 Alex’s secret still a 🤐🤫 so what will he do?

Like the women in Alex’s family (Hannah and Lila)

End of book 📖

Appreciate Alex sharing the servents’ POV 😁 Not a POV we get often… 🧐 Glad this story doesn’t involve cheating (but bigomy is ok 👌🏼 🤬 like being able to get mad at someone)

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