Life Update 3/28/21

So not everyone reading this is from the bookish world I’m trying to get into… been trying to tailor my posts more for non-readers (my sister’s suggestion). My best friend also told me she’d like to see more lifestyle stuff, hence stuff like this! Please refer to This post is meant to further elaborate on that! I’ve always been a person with multiple sides. I may have created a platform where I can express that! 👏🏽 I, also, like to bake, have a YT channel, used to love sports and rock climbing. Not everyone may be of interest to you, but that’s okay 👌🏾 All I can ask is you read my story (under the informational tag) and if you like what you see, please pass it along. My dream in making this is creating a space shere other stroke survivors can see, life doesn’t end with a stroke!

If I can serve as 1 example, that’d be a score for me 😂

Im jugoing to go back to what I’ve heard, a blog is a jourrnal… 🙋‍♀️ journal! 😂

Feeling of the day: Inspired

Just heard feedback on my first honest book review 👏🏽 Man, I feel euphoric! As many know, I’m a people pleaser.. and Filopino 🇵🇭 😂 I want this sight to be accessible and Id like to have content EVERYoNE can enjoy 👏🏽 If I can think of a way to do it, I’ll do it! 

Please note Still thinking of a way to handle comments… Just give me time, may be easier to DM (direct message) me… But if theres a lag, please know I’m trying… Frequently have to think of alternative ways of doing stuff!

I’ve alwauybeen an idea person. May be a lot now… But may may drop off a little next month.. Working on being more consistent. So far, this blog helps me feel inspired 😍 and more on it! Its already helping my messaging! It helps me stay busy! Gaurentee You can count on 1 life update every Sunday! So I hope you enjoy! Juyknkw I’ve got ideas 💡 please look forward to them!

I’ve surrounded myself with protective factors (sorry RN) Mental illness and burnout are real! If you need help, please seek help!

I have abandoment issues… Always feel like a bother… Please let me know if I ever am! Like rom-coms, just communicate please! Also rec incognito mode 😋 Or silence chats.. Do not disturb mode helps too! Sometimes I don’t see the time! 🙏🏾 The excitement just moves me! 😂

Love to chat 💬 So its good my typing is getting better! 👏🏽 Do notice more straining at night… please keep that in mind 🙏🏾 My condition requires patience and accomodation! For everything you do, I have to think and strategize alternative ways of doing it…

Published by Listen with Precious

Filipino-American 🇺🇸 Stroke survivor 👏🏽 @preciousmoments1128 UC Berkeley alum UNH alum RN @preciousmoments1128 ❤️ HR 🎧 audio listener! 👩‍🦽

One thought on “Life Update 3/28/21

  1. Love the life updates! And to see what you’ve been doing and what has been inspiring you 🙂 I also appreciate that you are blogging about different things to appeal to the interests of a lot of different people that share similar interests with you.

    Keep’Em coming!


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