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I tried to read a book for my reading goal…

Vlogs are my favorite type of yt video. Usually, I watch them as I eat or go to sleep… Always open to recs of vlogs to watch! 🤗 To make my site more fun for me… I’ll try to blog what I read more! Spoilery content will be actively avoided, but the commentary I like will be there! Enjoy as I 🤞🏽 enjoy!

One of my reading goals is to read books by diverse authors every month… But when I logged on last night to my listening app, the full version of my audiobook won’t be available until 4/7…I tried for the next book on my April 2021 TBR. Still currently unavailable… So, I had to go in 3 books deep. I ended up picking up Between The Devil And The Duke by Kelly Bowen. It’s for one of my book clubs! This season’s theme is Spring of Spiy🤗 I had to join in for book 3 of 7, since I could join in if the book is on I’ll be joining on3/7 books ! 🤗


Chapter 6

I think I have the ground work down. It’s a very interesting storyline… From what Ive gathered, the female protagonist has a brother who screwed her over… She’s probably going to have to take the job the male protagonist is offering her… They’re both attracted to one another. I forsee the conflict stemming somewhere close to there…

Not necessarily loving the book but my interest is piqued… 😏 Liking it not loving it… The last book I loved was My Darling Duke, it spurred a visceral reaction from me 🥰 That’s how I make the distinction…

As I listened, realized I couldn’t read Beguiling The Beauty by Sherry ThomS yet (available 4/7) but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t read another novel by a POC! 👏🏽

The title is Between The Devil And The Duke, who is the devil 👿? 😂 Did I miss it? 🤦‍♀️

Chapter 11

3rd act conflict… not as high stakes as I’d hoped… But like Alex’s character 😍 Remind me of daddy-long-leg type ❤️

End of book 📖

Last 3rd of the book (all the reveals 👏🏽🙌🏽). Last scene had a lot of action 🤗 Her talent with numbers 😂 I liked the changes Angelique instituted at the club 😄 Not a typical ending (no epilogue) but I’m still satisfied…😄

Would have wanted to know more about Alex’a former life as a spy/assassin though 🤔….

See my book review for my rating and more! 🤗

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