Texas Destiny Reading Blog

My first book club read due in April 2021…
Let’s just admit… I’m a fan of reading blogs! Not sure if I’m doing them right 🤷🏽‍♀️but I genuinely enjoy them! You don’t need to read the book 📖! These are just my reactions to it 😂But if you did, I’d love to see it! Be it blog or vlog! 👏🏽

One thing about me concerning reading… sometimes I miss aspects of the plot 😂 To wirk to lessen that, I prepare beforehand… Crystal from @crystalsbookisife mentioned Texas Destiny

What I got was:
Amelia, is a male-order bride arranged to wed Dallas. But she meets and falls in love with his brother, Houston… 🤔 I’ve got feelings…

But I’m excited 😜 This is my 1st Lorraine Heath and 1st western! 👏🏽

Hopefully 🤞🏽 the way I structure my blogs work for you! I put a LOT of times watching vlogs, most notably Riley from @rileymarie.

Note: I blog 1 book at a time. Themed vlogs seem popular but looks like it could be hard to think of themes… I read for fun so I want to make mine (and everyone’s life) as stress-free as possible 😂

I love my book clubs! I can rely on (mostly) good and accessible picks every month! I, also, appreciate how they give me people to gush to 😉

Chapter 6
I feel like Ive got a good handle of the story…

Appreciate how Amelia repeatedly brings up Dallas. It constantly reminds them…

Chapter 17
So I have to say, I’m not a fan of the premise… but the way its handles is 👌🏾

I find myself shipping Amelia-Houston, though that’s uncharacteristic of me… This is very taboo but the couple has managed to gain my empathy…

End of book 📖
This book is controversial but tasteful… Appropriate how Houston-Amelia were not physical… The premise is SO wrong but they dioact on it and cheat! That would make them irredeemable to me!

Glad I read this! I was in constant fear a line would be crossed… But, in the end, the book succeeded in providing context and evoking understanding… Even Dallas understandable them…

Appreciate they weren’t intimate 🤞🏽 Kept the book tasteful 👍🏽

Think I want to read books for Dallas and Aistin now… ❤️ I had expected feeliy, but this story surprised me… It got it right 👍🏽

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