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Falling Into Love With You is Book 2 of of the Hate-Love duet ♥️ by Zlauren Rowe 👏🏽 July finished Falling Out Of Love With You  today and now I’m torn.. Continue on right away in this series or get into the much anticipated The Cross Of Gilded Bones that came out this week… 🤔 I’ll for sure read both but order remain a question…

I think I know how to approach my dilemma… When I do a reading blog, I check-in chapter 6… I’ll decide then 🧐 I’ll read the 1st 5 chapters of Falling Into Love With You then the 1st 5 chapters of The Cross Of Gilded Bones. I’ll decide from there 😋


Chapter 6

Feels good Leila sees her incorrect judgements of Savage… 😍 Leila says to self she’ll give their fake relationship a shot 😉

Romance growth during interview/Q&A 😍 Leila notices things 😋 2 kisses 😘😂

Still looking forward to cohabitation hijinx! 👏🏽 Bedn looking forward to it awhile now 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I forsee it giving the story MORE heart ❤️ The 1st 5 chapters had a fair amount of heart ❤️ 

Like how from this section, story got hotter 🥵 Leila-Savage relationship grows 👏🏽 See new dimensions to them!

Chapter 17

I got distracted 😋

Chapter 27

Leila with Mimi ❤️ Already love Savage & Mimi ❤️ Saddened to hear Mimi’s condition has gotten worse 😭 Really don’t want anything to happen to Mimi… Side deal between Savage & Nadine… Don’t know what to make of it 🤷🏽‍♀️ I just feel so many things…

End of book 📖

Mimi ❤️ moments… Savage with Mimi is so swoony… By Mimi giving her room to Savage, its pretty much guaranteed he will propose 😏 Appreciate Mimi passed off page… Don’t know if I can read that…

Amalia is similar to Mimi’s relationship with him… Stays with Amalia after Mimi passes ❤️

Super cute Leila wrote True Love High 🎶 for Savage! I grow more and more satisfied with their relationship ❤️

Savages plan goes according to plan 😏 Feel more like a happy for now (HFN) than a happily ever after (HEA)… I associate HEA with kids, etc. 🤷🏽‍♀️ That’s how I distinguish between the two…

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