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So at my neuro f/u, my neurologist suggested I get back into reading books 📚 I was all for it! I like audiobooks but lately I’ve been seeing where it needs work.. Namely availability! Some books don’t currently have an audiobook… But ebooks can revolutionize my reading! I was excited to think I can finally get a Kindle! Ever since then, I’ve been doing research, into divices, Kinle Unlimited (KU) books I’d LOVE to read… The appeal of ebooks to me is I don’t have to worry about storage 😂 An added benign is that I can make font larger, they currently have 3 spacing options, and it’s waterproof 👏🏽 Still don’t have one… But already reading The Demon In The Woods by Leigh Bardugo! It’s the orgin story of the Darkling from Shadow And Bone!

For this novella (and shorter formats) I’ll update before and after! Currently have 2 reading blogs going! 😂. Under my current settings (on my phone 📱) this novella is 112 pages, novellas are typically less than 300 pages.

I’m going to only (try to read ebooks after lunch to dinner…) in an effort to minimize eye strain… I noticed at night things take longer to come into focus… The blog structure is still a work in progress (WIP) 🤞🏽 so hopefully it will flow ok 👌🏼😂

In Eryk’s world, it’s dangerous ⚠️ to be a Grisha… As a result, 13 year old Eryk and his mom escape from the south to the north… Its normal for them to be constantly on the move…

Don’t read many novellas… But I like a full story… Ended kind of abruptly, in my opinion.. It wasn’t what I expected… For one, it went hurther back than expected… By the time they were done introducing Eryk’s world, it was done ✅😂

The novella was a good way to reorient my eyes 👀 to reading though! For that reason alone, this was worthwhile! 😂 It was short so I didn’t lose anything from reading it

So I just realized I read the sample edition… 🤦‍♀️ Full novella available on Amazon for $0.99! Look what I’ll be reading tomorrow 😅

Bought the Kindle ebook! Now it shows it as 71 pages 🤷🏽‍♀️ Just hope 🤞🏽 I get a more complete this time around 😂

I’ll start from page 1! The sample only goes to page 9 😂

We ended upon meeting the Ulle…

Read pages 1-23 👏🏽 I had to stop for dinner 🥘 I’m trying to adhere to reading with my eyes from lunch to dinner, afterwards I’ll listen 😛

So the full novella is definitely more interesting than the sample version 😂 So to expand on what I previously read. I have to admit, I love stories with kids and pets, about kids and/or pets 😊

The novella left me feeling satisfied 👍🏽 The story is way more than I thought 💭😂 There was a character zo was confused 🤷🏽‍♀️ about from the show to novella: Annika… She is someone different from the books and show…


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