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Rereading His At Night by Sherry Thomas, just finished my initial read 5/9/21. Completed the readalong the week of my book club Readalong 👏🏽 Glad I Was able to read it for the 1st time on time!

Monday: Chapters 1 – 4:

The groundwork was laid AND laid well! Caught on to more details the 2nd time around! We see Ellessande and Vere’s initial meeting!

Tuesday: Chapters 5 – 8

I enjoy the beginning of stories! Before the couples couple up! It’s the most fun part! 👏🏽 The beginning is the most challenging though… (most notes taken 😂)

Still not a fan of such blatent manipulation… Vere and Ellessande are attracted to each other…But that doesn’t make it alright…

Chapter summaries not up yet… Didn’t post anything in regards to the chapters yesterday… By the time I finished reading, I was not in the right mind space to read the thread… Trying to be engaged today 😂

Wedding night was hilarious 😂 Ellessande throws herself at Vere, but he seems indifferent 😂  Ellessande caught crying 😭 Vere and Ellessande kiss 😘 

Attraction between Freddy and Anjelica feels a little random…Their interactions are entertaining though…

Marriage revealed to Uncle Edmond 👏🏽 Felt like Elle intentionally rubbed the news in Uncle Edmond’s face 😂

Wednesday: Chapter 9 – 12

Think I missed this day! 🤔 

Thursday: Chapters 13 – 17

Vere and Elle relationship getting deeper but Vere still has feelings of hate and resentment towards Elle… That’s why I have mixed feelings about them… If Vere can’t, how am I supposed to?! I like how we see more sex scenes (I feel it helps their relationship grow)

This book also contained the most espionage… Like never noticed it until this book 📖 Before we heard mention a character was a former spy but never one in process or being utilized as one…

Uncle Edmund in prison for murder 😂 Poetic justice? Elle relieved 😌 

Elle seeks Vere’s company.. Her need for human company makes sense, knowing she was imprisoned in her home before 

Walk are good 👏🏽 Speaking from personal experience, walks are a unique opportunity to talk! Feel this is a healthier way than having sex 👏🏽

Friday: Chapters 18 – 22

Section of reveals! Vigorously take notes! Definitely made things exciting 😂

Elle questions her ideantity… Vere reassures her…

Freddie’s reaction felt real from a sibling… Freddie shares HOW he knew

End of book 📖

Realized I fell behind 😂🤦‍♀️ I’ll just comment at the end of the book 😂 Mostly to help me keep track 😂

Felt after Vere’s reproposal was all HFN! Thought it was fun! 👏🏽

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