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This is my 1st reread of Becerly Jenkin’s Indigo! Read it in February, rereading it now for a book club! The live is Thursday 🤗

I fondly remember the caretaking in here! I ❤️ Galen! I look forward to picking up on more!

Listened 🎧 on Scribd at 2x speed…

General synopsis: 

Hester Wyatt is a conductor of the underground railroad, tasked with nursing Galen “The Black Daniel” back to health. Eventually they marry but their social classes are different.

One of my favorite tropes is caretaking/sick bed scenes ❤️ I remember a good one 👍🏽 in here 🙌🏽 So I’ll take particular note of it!

Chapters: 15

Scene:  Hester goes to Galan 😍 Galen likes to sleep naked 😂

I, also, would like to take particular note of intimate scenes 🤔 A characteristic of HR is the adult cersion contains smutt. This way if a person likes a lot of it or prefers for explicit content to NOT be in their books… They know. It’s written down somewhere 😂

The audiobook is 13:34. Can I tetead in 1 day?!

Definitely different reading this book on ebook (since my initial read was through audiobook 🤔 Even in the prologue, noting things and characters seemingly new!

I’ll read the first few chapters on ebook (because I can now 😂👏🏽🙌🏽)

Notes (try not ro spoil 😂):

  • Katherine – sister of David Wyatt
  • David become a slave for Frances Greaton

Don’t remember reading the prologue in the audiobook…😂 Not sure if I missed it 🤷🏽‍♀️ Or just know what to look out for…

  • Daughter of David and Frances is Hester 🤔 
  • Hester has the pinky finger on her left hand severed
  • David implore Katherine to free Heater
  • Will Michigan property to Katherine on behalf of Hester 

More thing I picked up on:

Mr. Wood – Late Aunt Katherine’s Quaker friend

  • Helped 6 escape north in October: 1 man, family of 5
    • Family go on to Ontatio
    • Man has a price on his head
      • Described as mulatto-gold complexion 
      • With Hester 4 days now…:
  • Being man onto a cot in the cellar
  • Black Daniel was the injured man 🤕
    • Has broken ribs, sprained left ankle 
      • Story of what initiated his injuries 
    • Man feverish 🥵 
  • Bea – Healer
  • In Whittaker, Mighigan
  • Galen (Galano) apologizes to Hester in Chapter 2…
  • Galen Bashon is short for Galono

Read Chapter 1 via ebook…Confusing this story to Alyssa Cole’s A Hope Divided, not that storylines are similt, but historical time period is.

1:43 hours left in the ebook… Not sure i

I’ll finish before my live…

Not sure 🤷🏽‍♀️ if the schribd audiobook contains skips…


Glad Galen enters the stoy from Chapter 1! Felt like that way was a got introduction to his character!

Salve application seductive and an intimate act in Chapter 4!

The traitor storyline added a flair of mystery!

Galen moving up! From cellar to attic! In the house now! ♥️

After tuning into my book club’s liveshow, general impression people enjoyed the book and there was good smut 😉

Chapter 6 

Galen undeniably attracted to Hester ♥️😍 Like that he was attracted first!

Hester already begins to wonder of Galen’s life… Foreshadowing? This is a reread, so I know things 😉

Galen asks questions of Hester and Foster…Hester afraid of love ❤️ 🤔 Foster marries Janine 😨 

Mudpies and baths 🛀😂 Galen repeats he finds Hester beautiful 😍

First kiss 😘 Chapter 7! 😍😘😉 Opens a can of worms 🐛😂

Raymond LaVec fetches Galen… Galen says goodbye 👋🏾 Galen promises he’ll be back…

Like how black US history into the story ! 👏🏽

Hester land bought at 3x its value in by Galen! Sneak into Hester’s house and room 😂 Galen needs a rose 🌹😍

Raymond rescues the mud -strander Hester with Galen 😂 Cute remeet cute 😉 Blackmail school founding 😂 Like the dynamic between Hester and Galen 👏🏽

Jail break out and Shoe 😂 Hester is brave 💪🏽  Sell more of Hester’s land! Galen rightfully angry and to the rescue.

Hester acknowledges the passion she feels with Galen BUT repeatedly refuses his proposal..

The smutty times included a lot of hand jobs 😂 Appreciate how willing to give Galen is ♥️

The audiobook from Scribd jumps at the end of some chapters

Mudpies code for hanky-panky 😂

Being caught in the middle is hard… Catch Nadine in an adulterous act 😨 Hester torn between not wanting to be involved and loyalty to Foster 🤔 choices choices… Sparks Hester’s curiosity to the act… Spurns the conversation between Galen and Hester 🧐 

Shoe is a villain in the story… Hester’s fears of Shoe pushes the story forward… Mary-Branton scene

Janine lied and manipulated the situation 😡 

Galen’s public displaty of affection and wedding 👰👏🏽 Hester kept saying no 😂

Maxi’s warm welcome of Hester ♥️

This section marks the beginning of Galen and Hester’s epic love story 😍

Chapter 17

Learned a new concept! 😂 Blended reads! What I’ve been doing 😂 Switching from ebook to audiobook, and vice versa. Like it so far (mainly for spelling 😂) Already prone to typos, not spelling too 🤷🏽‍♀️

Galano intended 🤔 Interesting interactions with Jeannette 😂 Jeannette does provide Galen family history though… Stories of Vada (Galen’s grandmother) Galano’s aristocrat life 😂

Hester’s house 🏡 broken into! Hester realistically fear for her freedom… Traitor revealed! 

Jannine and not identifying with being black…

Hester pregnant 🤰, excited for her to tell Galen 👏🏽 Typical but fulfilling conclusion to the story 🤗

Enjoy the way Black history is incorporated into the story! Since Galen and Hester were prominent figures, flowed well!

Frances Wyatt Donaldson ♥️ Gelen keeps surprising Heste on Christmas 🎄 !

End of book 📖 

Very satisfied by the book! Left me feeling content 😄 Love Galen! What he stands for and how he loves Hester!

So usually I blog chapter reactions before my chapter checkins 🤔

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