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So, considering how excited I was for “Hot Highlander Summer”, we’re already on week 3 😂 Jumping in late 😂 The previous 2 books (The Secret and All Scot And Bothered) I’ll just circle back 😂 Reading ebooks take longer than listening to audiobooks!

Waiting For A Scot Like Yoi in 364 pages!

Monday: Prologue – Chapter 4

Felt the ground work was laid, all we need to know is build up 😉

A reoccurrent I see is retaking ownership of one’s (in this case Lady Ferris). I also see this applying to Duncan. After serving for 20 years, Duncan needs to discover how he’ll live his life 🤗

The attraction between Lady Ferris and Duncan is undeniable AND funny 😂 Excited to see more!

Finished tgis section on Monday…. Still playing catch up 😂 Plan is to catch up on chapters then catch yp on the thread 🤗 Now with Jeanie gone, I’m ready for the tension to amp up!

Tuesday: Chapters 5 – 9

How did I know Duncan would walk in when Lady Ferris was in the bath 🛁😂 Appreciate how after the incident, nothing happened… The tension really built up! 😂

Duncan and Lady Ferris are growing together ❤️

I feel when Lady Ferris stumble on the Roman Ruin hill into Duncan’s marked a turning point in their relationship 😍

Carriage scene was unfortunate, but did showcase how caring Duncan is!

Wednesday: Chapters 10 – 13

Love that Lady Ferris and Duncan are becoming more comfortable with each other!

AND bold 😂 Sex where they can be easily be seen too!

Love that when they’re together, their issues of duty and identity move to the background 😂 Them together is 🥵 🔥 🥵 

Got to join in on my book club discussion! Finally caught up 🤗

Thursday: Chapters 14 – 17

More smutty times in this section 😂 Many personas of their love-making 😍

Story, for a bit, was relly flashdance-esk

Admittedly I might have to go back 2 chapters… Was a little confused 🤷🏽‍♀️ 

Duncan has a dirty mouth 😂 His more dominant (and bossy 😂) alter ego firtingly contrasts with the older Lady Ferris

Duncan’s 2 sides to his sexuality contrast well!

Friday: Chapters 18 – Epilogue

Break in scene was unexpected… Added more of a high stakes situation to the story…At this time, 

Lady Ferris and Duncan are a natural pairing 😍 Nothing like a life or death situation to give perspective 💡 

End of their trip.. Lord Gibb’s meeting… And taking in the other guests 😂 Duncan and Beatrice alone in a room…

Both Durham and Beatrice lost their sexual appetites..

Heart to heart talk with Rowe and Curtis ♥️ Offered more perspective 😂 Duncan resolves to fight for Beatrice ♥️👏🏽

Romantic displays 🎆👏🏽

Now I want to read the Union Of The Rakes series…Loved how the epilogue didn’t just fixate on Duncan and Beatrice! Not a traditional HEA but befitting for them!

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