Devil in Disguise Preparation

So Lisa Kleypas’ new book Devil In Dishuise is coming out later this month 😬 Realistically, I don’t have enough time to read the “Ravenal series” thus far (6 books 😱) but I asked someone who’s read them all and then some 😉 for advice! They recommended It Happened One Autumn 🍂 and Devil In Winter ❄️ should be read before Devil In Disguise 🥸. Those 2 books are classics to the genre (see Reading Goals: Reading The Go-Tos – They are part of Lisa Kleypas’ Wallpaper series. The book prior to It Happened One Aitumn is Secrets Of A Summer Night.

Devil In Disguise out July 27, 2021

That is 3 books as opposed to 6 books!

Look forward to my Devil In Disguise Reading Blog! 🤗

Finally read it! 😁

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