Educate myself: IUDs

So this series also pushes me to learn more about the topic! So I decided to focus on topics pertinent to me first 😂 Selfish? Please comment below 👇🏽 with topics you’d like to see! I’ve got time to study and learn 😉😏

IUD is an intra-uterine device, meaning it’s implanted inside your uterus . The purpose of IUDs is contraception, or pregnancy prevention 🤰 It’s recommended I get one because pregnancy is a state where your blood is hyper coagulated. I already an hyper coagulable, so let’s not make it worse 😂 When I first had my stroke of unknown cause, my medical team tested me for conditions that could increase my coagulanility: being on birth control, pregnancy 🤰, or cancer.

I wasn’t on the pill 💊 or pregnant 🤰, and I tested negative for all forms of cancer. But getting an IUD would be preventative.

For IUD placement you can’t already be pregnant (bad for the baby) and on your monthly menstration (to ensure proper placement). Actually the female may not be on on their mendtration… what’s important is there is no chance of being pregnant 🤰 After the insertion, you may see spotting (females will know what I mean 😂)

There are 2 main types of IUDs: hormonal and non-hormonal. Everyone’s situation may be different.

Hormonal IUDs, like birth control pills, have an increased risk for cancer.


Hormonal – commonly progesterone

Some cancers (CA) growth is encouraged by an excess of hosmones, like breast CA.

Non-hormonal – commonly copper IUDs

Google search of “iud hormonal or nonhormonal” 👇🏽

Resulted in “Non hormonal or copper IUDsCopper IUDs do not use hormones. Instead, the copper damages sperm to prevent it from getting to the egg. It also creates an immune response that stops the development of healthy eggs and destroys any eggs that do develop. In the United States, the brand name of the copper IUD is ParaGard.”

You can remove the IUD whenever you want in a fairly simple process 😁 An OBGYN just takes it out vaginally 🤗

As with any procedure, monitor for signs of increased bleeding 🩸 Spotting is “normal”

Citing more difficult for me 😔 so “Text within here” copied and pasted FYI. 😉 Try to outline how I found it!

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