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Just because I watched this one, doesn’t mean I’ll watch ALL horrer movies movies 🍿!

Watcher: July 24. 2021

  • Movie 🍿 on HBO Go
  • Watched with my partner and his sister
  • Don’t norally watch horror but intrigued by horror comedy genre and The Blissfield Butcher Vaugn 

Star Rating (of 5): ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Had fun 👏🏽
  • Gorey
  • Like an 80s slasher film 🎥 

Content warnings: Death of a loved one, alcoholism, sexuality

The set-up:

  • Milly is a high schooler
  • The Blissfield Butcher an escaped serial killer 😱
  • Similar to the original, in that, we enter the story on the 12th. That’s when Milly and The Blissfield Butcher meet. 
    •  The Blissfield Butcher stabs Milly in the right shoulder, marking her for their body switch
  • Wake the 13th with bodies switched
  • Milly in The Blissfield Butcher’s body trying to find serial killer Milly
    • At school 🏫 
    • Police station
    • Homecoming dance at the mill
  • Bodies switched back
  • Twist: Serial killer The Blissfield Butcher returns

3-word Summary: Comedy horror flix 😱😂

Thoughts 💭:

  • How long to grieve
  • Hidden feelings

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