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  • Wallflower
    • Annabelle – wallflower, Simon Hunt’s (railroad entrepreneur) wife
    • Lillian – wallflower, Rafa and Daisy’s sister, Lady Westcliff, married to Marcus Westcliff, countess, self-proclaimed hellion, 8 month old infant (Merritt)
    • Evie – wallflower, quietest 🤫, married Lord. St. Vincent, shy, stammer, pregnant 🤰
    • Daisy – wallflower, Rafa and Lillian’s sister, lives in Bristol with husband, daydreamer 💭 , married to Matthew Swift
      • Matthew Swift – defacto son
  • Rafael “Rafe” Bowman – Lillian and Daisy’s brother, coming to London, trying to capture Lady Natalie’s attention, “handsome, charming, and very rich”, described by Daisy “a rake”, hellion, attracted to Hannah
  • Marsden Terrace
  • Holidays in Hampshire ♥️
  • Thomas and Mercedes Bowman – Lillian, Daisy, and Rafa’s parents, “demanding, critical, and neglectful”
  • Ransom – Bowman brothers
  • Rhys – Bowman brothers
  • Hannah Appleton – Lady Natalie Blandford’s companion (4 years) and cousin (2 years older), poor, doesn’t feel Rafe is a good match for Natelie
  • Natalie Blandford – Rafe’s intended, polished, mature
  • Samuel Clark – a match for Hannah
  • Lord Edward Travis – pursuing Natalie
  • Arthur – kid at Stony Cross Park, catapulted Senior Bowman’s toupee 😂
  • Polly – servant at Stony Cross Park

Rafe meets Hannah. The plan: Christmas 🎄 in Hampshire at the Westcliff country estate 😉 Hannah tells Refe what she thinks of him 😤 Refe kisses 😘 Hannah 😂⚾️ Hannah tells Natalie about Refe 🤔 Blandford(s) at Stony Cross Park 😍 Natalie finds Refe attractive 😂 Mr. Clark’s letter💌 Arrival of Lord Edward Travis 🤔 Daisy comes 👏🏽😍 Sneaking away with Bowman 😏 After 2 years of marriage, Westcliff interested in Lady Kitterage 🤔 Refe grows in admiration of Hannah Toy Soldiers 🧸🚂🪁🪀 Letter from Mr. Clark 💌 ⚾️ ⚾️ Love letter from Refe 💌 Hannah an honerary wallflower ♥️

👆🏼 These are my reading notes 📝 Deliberately cryptic so 🤞🏼 no spoilers 😂

Note: I like stickers 🤣😇


Before I begin:

Love this series ♥️ Thought 💭 all the Wallflowers are married so there couldn’t be more 🥲

End of book 📖

Liked how the Wallflowers were reviewed 👍🏽 This takes place after Daisy’s book or after the series is done ✅ The emphasis on the Wallflowers z😍♥️ Just wish we saw more of the spouses. Admittedly, read ¾, now need to read Daisy’s book 📖 We know they all got HEAs but just fun to see 👏🏽

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