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  • Duke Crawford – mechanic 👨‍🔧, 4 divorced sisters (L’s) who live with him (oldest child), aka Goliath, limp, knows who Sam was, Luke to his sistersVaughn – best friend, works security at the factory River – wife
  • Marcy – Vaughn and River’s daughter
  • Sisters Luane – sister, generous
  • Lorraine – sister
  • Lisa – sister, organized
  • Lacy- sister, hard
  • Samantha Waverly – children’s book illustrator, from NY (from Manhattan), 25 yo, formerly engaged, brother owns the factory Duke works in (boss’ sister), recently single (3 years), art on wheelsRenner Bastion – Samantha’s step-brother, lives in Hook, owns factory 😏
  • Hudson – former fiance, jenner’s investor2 month courtship + 3 month engagement
  • Hook – town Samantha’s visiting, everything closes by 10 pmThe 3rd Shift – bar where Duke and Sam meet
  • Atlantic City – casino 🎰 where concertis
  • New Jersey


Before I begin:

Admittedly, don’t know much about this book 🤷🏽‍♀️ but it’s the read along book pick for a book club I love ♥️ Otherwise, no idea what it’s about 🤷🏽‍♀️😂😇

Wednesday: 1 – 7

Story light thus far 🤔 Sam’s in Hook for a short visit, where she meets Duke 🧐 Like that we’ve already interacted with Duke’s world 🌎 (sisters, etc) 👍🏽 Sam’s story of how she got into illustrating children’s books 📚 🤗 was due to a heart-warming reason 👏🏽 Haven’t encountered Duke-Sam much in a “smutty” sense, but I find them sweet together 😍 Their dynamic of rich-working class I know will continue to be an issue.

Thursday: 8 – 14

Duke and Sam get to know each other better. Duke ⚾️ ⚾️⚾️ as Sam’s on the phone 📱 😂 Tell Renner they got married 😮 Renner wants them to annul the marriage 💍💍 The conditions around their marriage 🤔 The annulment was heartbreaking 💔 Then Renner divulges with Renner’s dad-Sam’s mom divirced

Friday: 15 – Epilogue

Scare 😱 but I knew Duke would be ok 👌🏼 😁 Just a moment that put things in perspective for Sam, which I think was needed. Got the impression Duke loved her more intensly and fervently, so this was a chance for us to see the depth of her feelings 🤔

End of book 📖

Nice 👍🏽 story! Not too angsty. Light, fun, and cute 😊 Really ♥️ Duke! Sam had moments where I found her annoying.

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