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Before I begin:

Well-rated book 📖 Just want to see the hype 🤷🏽‍♀️

Chapter 6

Reads fast and sets the scene well 🙌🏽 Olive, a Stanford PhD student 👩‍🎓, kisses a tenured professor 👨‍🏫, Dr. Adam Carlson, to give the impression, to her friend, Anh Pham, that Olive is seeing someone and Anh is clear to date Jeremy. I like that we just got into it! 🤗 Like the epistolary aspect 😁 Small world 🌎 Adam and Dr. Tom Benson know each other 😮 Adam helps Olive talk about her research 🧐 😍 Under his cold demeanor, is he a daddy long legs? 🕷 

Chapter 17

The talk 😂 creates a funny situation. Didn’t see Tom’s true personality coming 🤬 Angry 😤 😡 for Olive 👊🏼 Out of town = advancements in relationships 🙌🏽 Adam continually and repeatedly asks Olive is ok 👌🏼 😍😇 all throughout ♥️ I tend to like how fake dating affects a story 👍🏽 End of book 📖 

The last section read quickly. Understandably, Adam 😡🤬😤 about Tom. Title IX FTW 🙌🏽 The double date 😏😂 Awesome scene 👍🏽 😊 Book ended with them addressing their meet cute 🥰 😍 Epilogue re-enacted the kiss 😘 that started it all 👏🏽

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Filipino-American 🇺🇸 Stroke survivor 👏🏽 @preciousmoments1128 UC Berkeley alum UNH alum RN @preciousmoments1128 ❤️ HR 🎧 audio listener! 👩‍🦽

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