Stroke All Over Again 🙄

January 2018 I just got discharged from the inpatient rehabilitation I was in. Again, pardon the cloudiness… I remember I was drinking water… But I choked on the water 😮 That was atypical of me. I’ve never had a hard time with my food and drink before… Luckily, I was to see my former speech-languageContinue reading “Stroke All Over Again 🙄”

Social Media (SM) role on getting the word out…

Transcribed by Phillip villanueva Since we are in a pandemic, I recognize it may be hard to live right now. For me, social media (SM) allows me to interact on a wider scale and I’m thankful for that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m aware of the dangers of social media (catfishing, fraud, etc.) so IContinue reading “Social Media (SM) role on getting the word out…”

Book Blogging Plans

A system… I don’t know if anyone noticed but I function better in systems… Lists, charts, tables are my jam! I’m new to blogging, especially book blogging… So I thought it’d be better for me to create a system and outline rules for myself… First 5 chapter check-in – Usually the groundwork is laid OMGContinue reading “Book Blogging Plans”

Life Update Template

Since I plan to do these every week, 🙌🏽 decided to make a template (so I don’t miss anything). That would be a 🤦‍♀️ moment 😂 Going to try and address all you’d like to see!What would you like to see? 😂 I’d blurb as appropriate! I reserve the right to blurb 😂 Note MayContinue reading “Life Update Template”

Day in MY Life

NOTE: Varies daily. Depends where I am. Location change. Able to update more frequently. Feels self-important to me… 😂 but realized it’s important to talk about…like someone 😉 said: blogging is journaling. Feel like it provides context for why I do what I do… Wake up, put on my head/earphones, try & do bed exercises,Continue reading “Day in MY Life”

Bookish Sick Chicks Reaction Blog

Found this YT video yesterday! Elongates my disability-yeah mood at the moment! 😂 Always glad when I come across people with similar expectations… NOT that I want anyone to be sick… Sick people Do’s and DON’Ts: 1. Don’t stare. 2. If you’re ever unsure if you should ask… probably better to not. 3. Avoid unsolicitedContinue reading “Bookish Sick Chicks Reaction Blog”

disABLEd modifications

Disclaimer: I would NEVER claim to know everything about being disabled! This is just what I do/pertinent to me… Suggestions and recommendations welcome! I wanted to dedicate part of my blog to the DIFFERENTLY ABLED 😄 It can be frustrating to constantly have to adapt… From my experience, I use these modifications/life hacks… Always openContinue reading “disABLEd modifications”

Me 101

🙋‍♀️! My name is Precious! aka @listenwithprecious on IG & @precious’moments on yt 🤗 I am a Filipino-American 🇺🇸 stroke survivor 👏🏽👏🏽 UC Berkeley alum UNH alum RN ❤️ HR 🎧 audio listener! 👩‍🦽 I’ve only joined the book community this year (after watching Bridgerton on Netflix 😂😍) Part of why I’m doing this blogContinue reading “Me 101”