Shadow And Bone Watching Blog Episode 1

The Netflix series is 8 episodes for season 1! If this goes like Bridgerton, I might just binge the whole series 😂 I’m in a position where I’m more aware of the hype 😉 I want to say, whatever… 🤷🏽‍♀️ But if I’m honest, I want to see too 😂 In preparation, I’d like to read Shadow And Bone but I have 2reads to get through… Plan to watch it on Scener with my cousin-in-law. Scener is a program where you can video chat (VC) and syncs the video! I’ve used the program before! Just know, having your camera on, may require good internet… If not, you may need to turn off your camera… Unfortunately, time prohited me from reading the book… But if precedent says anything… Never read the book until after the adaptation 😂 That was the case for Twilight, Hunger Games, etc. Or I didn’t read the books 😂 Like all of Nicolas Sparks 😂

So I went into this show knowing the bare minimum. Episode 1 we meet Alina Starkov. She is an orphan and member of the 1st army. She has a best friend, Mal. The story moves along after Mal’s chosen to cross the fold. 😨 it is a dark area that houses Wolcra. It expands far north and south, making it difficult to cross and time consuming to go around. Alina makes it so she has to cross the fold too! During the journey across, they discover Alina is a sun ☀️ summoner when Mal is attacked. After the journey, a survivor tells of Slina’s power, making her a valuable commodity.

The story moved well 👏🏽 To make the experience last, we only watched episode 1. Date for episode 2 TBD 😋

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