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So we all should know I love my book clubs, right? In preparation for the August book, Devil In Disguise by Lisa Kleypas, I’m going to endeavor catching up on the series beforehand 👏🏽 The 1st book in the series is Cold-Hearted Rake by Lisa Kleypas.Devil In Disguise is the 7th book… Its April…4 months until August… 😬

Cold-Hearted Rake is about Devan and Kathleen ❤️ Devan inherits and Earldom… Everything else is vague… 😂

Note: Book summaries off of YT (where I learn, get book recs, etc.) I like to start a book, knowing a bare synopsis… Helps me pick up (p/u) more… I’d love these reading blogs to give the skeletons of the story with my commentary ❤️

But in this case, I turned to Amezon 😂

Again, I’ll be checking in..


Chapter 6

Meet Theo’s sisters 🥰 Got me excited to see more Cassandra in Chasing Cassandra!

Found family storyline to redeem Devan ❤️ Not sure if i’ll happen but I’d love that to happen 🤞🏽

This book may not be as beloved as her other books 📚 but trying to keep an open mind…

Can’t help giggling over cheesy parts 😂 felt it was a good moment for Kathleen-Devan ❤️

I understand Kathleen’s guilt now…i’d feel guilty too…

Devan’s growing affection for Kathleen 😍 Devan’s interactions with the Ravenel girls 😍😍 Asad likes Devan 😍😍😍 I appreciate how endearing Devan is ❤️ Makes it easy to root for him 😂

Teasing future pairings 😍 Excited for it!

Chapter 17

Kathleen prepare to vacate estate… 🥲 but not necessary! 😂 Devan proves, yet again, he is a nice guy 😂

Devan good with the girls 😍

Devan saves Winterborne, a women, and child! 👏🏽 Ignore his injuries too 💪🏽

West saves Devan! 👏🏽

Chapter 28

Devan’s accident allows for a new plot trajectory! Angst from near death ☠️ Importunate to see… but adds a new layer to the story…

Devan can’t get enough of Kathleen 😂

Kathleen doesn’t want strings 😂 Define terms please 😂

Devan’s growing obsession with Kathleen 😂 Love seeing the hero so in love with the heroine 😍

Family to London 😏 2 fold 🤔 Bring together Helon and Winterborne 😂 Keep Kathleen near Devan 😂

Interesting to ser 🤔 Winterborne’s prevalence in the plot…

End of book 📖

Ending was abrupt but cliffhanger makes us want to know what happens next! Not an HEA or HFN really…

Nice that the orchid thrived under Winterborne’s care 👏🏽 Peeved by Winterborne but don’t hate him! In book 2 he shall be redeemed! 👏🏽

Would n’t characterize this as a typical romance book… No HEA/HFN… Definitely must read subsequent books 📚

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