Life Update 4/25/21

Mood: Returning to normal slowly… 👏🏽

Currently Reading: and loving Theiress Gets A Duke by Harper St. George

Walk it out: Still waiting for authorization… until then 1 block at a time….

Events I’m excited for: Not a big deal… but excited to go over to my partner’s house 👏🏽 Nothing out of my norm… but I just am!

Funny story 😂: Since I started to blog, I compose posts in my head 😂 My partner calls it cokposting 😂

Something inspirational: This week grateful a friend took me up on my offer and has enlisted my help!

👩‍⚕️ checklist!

Recently, I had the idea 💡 to make a checklist of things I need to adress with my dr(s). Feel it’s especially important since I haven’t seen any of my doctors in over a year…

I use Google keeps, which is a free application 😁 I’ve been using it to compile my TBRs. I love how you can share it! It makes your checklist electronic! No paper so no trash!

I put down “talking points”! Hopefully 🤞🏽 it’ll help me better remember what I want to address 🤔

This is how I want my treatment to go! Organized, prepared, and thorough! I know practitioners are busy ! I’m aware seeing multiple clients a day can be discombobulating, so let’s all help the process along!

Love ❤️ Google Keeps! I have multiple checklists going right now!

The Heiress Gets A Duke Book Review

The Heiress Gets A Duke by Harper St. George

#1 in The Gilded Age Heirress

Read: April 2021

Star Rating (of 5): ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Trigger warnings:

Prevalent Tropes: Marriage of convenience, Billionaire

The set-up: Evan, the Duke of Rothchild, must marry a Crenshaw heiress to save his impoverished Dukedoom…

3-word Summary: Duke ♥️ Heirress

Thoughts 💭:

  • Evan does back-breaking work to support his family…
  • August is an empowered woman 👩👏🏽
  • Enemies to lovers recipe 😋😂

Movie/show rec: 🤷🏽‍♀️

The Heiress Gets A Duke Reading Blog

Read it for my book club 🙌🏽 Its the April pick! 👏🏽

The general story line, brought to you by Amezon 😉 is Evan, the Duke of Rothchild, is to mary Violet Crenshaw. Not if August Crenshaw has anything to say about it… 😏

This is my 1st Giled Age American HR 👏🏽


Story in my head at Chapter 2 😂 I must admit I’m intrigued… 🤔 More interesting just thinking about where this might go 😂

Chapter 6

Evan meets the Crenshaw sisters 👏🏽 More interested in August 😂

Enjoy the set-up! See the potential for angst and taboo 😂 Liked we got it early 😂 Now we have the rest of the book 😏 Honestly, just want to keep reading 😂 I want to know what will happen 👏🏽

August’s protectiveness feminds me of Kate from The Viscount Who Loved Me… If my comparison is correct, I know how this will go! 👏🏽😋

Chapter 17

August goes to Evan’s estate, understanding him more… It’s like he’s talking to her… Kind of like he sees her as his equal… 🤔

Enjoy the direction the story is going… Familiar in some ways yet different too… 🤔 

Feel giddy 😂 I think instances such as this shows why I enjoy enemies to. lovers romance 👏🏽 The banter 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 The determination to dislike them 😂

Violet walking in on them verifies their attraction 😂👏🏽 It was only time until someone sees!

End of Book

The book ended faster than anticipated… Felt there was an attempt at a 3rd act conflict but, no one can deny how much Evan loves August ♥️ So I laughed it was happening 😂 Instead of being mad 😡 Interesting 🤔 how the Crenshaw parents fell off the plot… I felt their presence throughout the story… Then they were gone 😂

Really loved Evan’s character! 👏🏽 The level of love for August 👏🏽 August was a likeable empowered heroine 🦸‍♀️👏🏽

From Blood And Ash Read-along Reading Blog

I read the series beginning February 2021, and really excited for this! Rereading a book fortifies my understanding 👏🏽 This read-along will be bundled with book reviews!

This is my 2nd readalong! Please see My 1st Readalong! too! 🙏🏾 This is structured similarly!

This is my 1st reread of From Blood And Ash! 👏🏽

Chapters 1-7

Feel asleep in chapter 6… 😂 Woke up chapter 25…

Chapters 8-17

Laid the ground work very well.. Fell asleep while reading… so fell asleep chapter 14…

Chapters 18-26

Lots of stuff goes down! All events were as I remembered it…

Chapters 27-33

Satisfied 😂 Enjoyed sharing that intimate moment with Poppy and Hok! Poppy deals with a lot of grief, I’m glad to see her experiencing the good with the bad… No way near equivalent but it’s something 😂

Chapters 34-End

This is my favorite book of the series thus far! 👏🏽 But was still one I can stay away from….

A lot happened… Moved fast and was interesting once you’re in it… Just takes some effort to pick up… Still rate it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!

Note: Chapters divided by event organizers

From Blood And Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout Book Review

#1 in From Blood And Ash

Read: 4/5/21 – 4/10/21

Star Rating (of 5): ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Trigger warnings: Death of a loved one, Physical abuse

Prevalent Tropes: Bodyguard, Hidden identity

3-word Summary: Bodyguard turned prince 😂

The set-up: Poppy is the maiden. One day Hok comes to join her gaurd…

Thoughts 💭: 

  • Identity made for you
  • Restrictions of an identity
  • Fake/hidden identities 😨

Movie/show rec: The Bodyguard 

  • Rec based on trope!

Vaccine 💉 Update

I feel like no one is safe YET 😱 Especially with variants abound, it’s best to return to the beginning of the pandemic 😷

As of JULY 22, 2021

Received my first shot of Moderna. Experienced 2 days of site soreness. Will receive my 2nd Moderna shot 4/13.

I will be receiving the vaccine 💉 with my parents and aunt. They are all who I received the 1st shot with.

The morning of was… stressful 😂 Thought 💭 I lost my confirmation… 😂 But found it! 👏🏽 😥

After the vaccine, I’m going to recover at my partner’s house with him and his family 😄 I’m very grateful to them 🤗 I still plan to call and check on my parents often… Still unsure how they’ll take the vaccine… 🤷🏽‍♀️

The vaccination seemed more lack the 2nd time…

To combat the site pain to be expected… followed these recommendations:

1. Drink lots of water 💧

2. Keep moving my arm. Arm rotations have helped me A LOT! 👏🏽

3. Take Vitamin D and C.

Consulted with my medical team 😂 (feiends and family in the healthcare field…) They said this list is what I should do…

I feel more and more people are getting vaccinated, let’s all experience a good process 🤞🏽

Fortunately I’m just feeling site soreness 🤞🏽Here’s to hoping it stays there way!

Common variants right now:

Delta – 1st appeared December 2020

Viruses normally mutate 😮 May need a booster eventually

More contagious 😷, may affect vaccinated as much

Affects kids 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Vaccinated individuals may still get COVID but may be as severe.

Becomming the dominant strain, at an alarming rate (accelerate the pandemic)

Still a lot to learn!

The main s:s of lost of taste and cough may not be pressent!

Cold-like S/S still present (fever, headache, sore throat, runny nose).

Prevalant in India and Britain. Already increasing in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgi, Mississippi, Missouri, and West Virginia.

Tried to include HOW it affects the body, common signs & symptoms (S/S), and where it is (from where it came from).




Social anxiety is real..

The key to any diagnosis is early intervention. Pardon the nurse talk! I miss it 😂 Gotta feel I’m using my degree 😉

Given the pandemic, we’re likely to see this more often… I noticed I would get nervous going to anything with a lot of people… So I wouldn’t go.. I’d be sad about missing out… But better safe than sorry!

To counter my anxiety, I embraced connecting virtually! 👏🏽 People call me the queen 👸 of Zoom 😂 It has enabled me to get back in touch with my old OT group! (See my posts on my group!)

I just wanted to better educate myself… So Ive been scavenging resources (I’ve got time to read 😏) I just want to share what I’ve learned!

Social anxiety is a form of generalized anxiety disorder!

Be advised! I’m not a doctor 😂 If these apply to you, please consult your doctor 🙏🏾

After I was prescribed Buspar… Buspar is an anolytic, or anti-anxiety medication. Having had a stroke, which is traumatizing.. I was at risk for PTSD… In addition, I have a type A personality… So my baseline is anxious 😅 I like to be in control. If not, I’m scared 😂

I’m off Buspar now, but medications are commonly prescribed….Generalized anxiety disorder is a mental health condition. Mental health conditions are commonly taboo… But issues, such as these, needs to be talked about more!

I have no authority to diagnose, but I can make observations about myself… I get anxious just thinking about facing a lot of people! As a consequence, Ive opted out of stuff I would’ve gone to before… I noticed this.. Hence research…

Step 1 for anything, recognition. Step 2 research.Step 3… Thats just my process… I’m in no way an expert but I am a patient…

Personally, I try to surround myself with things I love (protective factors)… Being a nurse I know, a condition is a problem when it affects your daily function… That’s why I’m addressing it now…Hopefully 🤞🏽 to better inform myself…

Resources (Sources)

World Stroke Day

Did you know one in six of us will experience stroke in our lifetime? And there are an estimated 17 million strokes worldwide each year? For World Stroke Day on October 29th, the American Stroke Association is educating on the F.A.S.T. warning signs and bringing together stroke survivors, caregivers and healthcare professionals to show that there is life – and hope – after stroke.

👆🏽 from the American Stroke Association


I just want to communicate it! 👏🏽 Strokes are seen as a negative (and rightfully so) but I also view it as a celebration of life 👏🏽 Why not tuen this into a thing?!

For all of the advice, input, inspiration, and help ❤️

It’s no surprise I’m new to blogging 😂 So I have lots of questions 🤔 I turned towards those more experienced than me… Thank you for putting up with all my questions 🙏🏾 One of my leadership colors is blue (and gold 😂). That means I generally like to please people… That kind of explains my need for clarification… What I’ve learned from romance is miscommunication is unnecessary… As a gold, I’m goal-oriented and want to do things well… For anyone offput by my aggressive nature, I apologize 🙏🏾

You’ve heard me ramble on about having a stroke… But when I was in the hospital, I was very sad.. I felt I had just got licensed as a nurse, there was more life to live… And I had to start over remembering how I lived before.

So thank you for all the advice, feedback, and help as I start this! Though the idea 💡 and set up are mine, I couldn’t do it all ❤️

#listenwithprecious #important